Dr. Myles wrote his Obituary before his death

Tribute to Dr. Myles Munroe

The great bible scholar was one of the nine passengers on an executive plane that crashed in Grand Bahama, his wife was also on board.
The crash occurred as people were gathering in Grand Bahama for Dr. munroe’s 2014 Global Leadership Forum dated for Monday, November 10 and was scheduled to feature Africa’s richest woman and oil mogul, Mrs. Folorunso Alakija and Andrew Young, Former Mayor of Atlanta and former United States Ambassador to the United Nations.
The best selling author’s wife, Ruth Ann Munroe, was also reported to be on-board the vessel that crashed.

The last message I heard from him was on Inspiration Fm 92.3fm on a Sunday Morning, I’m glad I recorded it although not complete I’ve been trying to find it to no avail on the internet, perhaps someone might know the title and where we can get it, so I’ve spent some time writing out parts of the sermon to share with people who may be questioning his death and purpose, he will be remembered for a lot of great messages and quotes, in regards to purpose, relationships, leadership, vision etc.
Not many people like talking about death, but in this message Dr. Myles challenged us to face death, and write our obituaries daily as he did, he warned us not to disgrace God by mourning more than necessary, and that he expects bright colors at his funeral, if you want me to mail the recording let me know if you also can’t find it on the internet.

“Excerpts from Dr. Myles Monroe sermon on obituary

Life is a mysterious experience

1. There are questions in life that we can never answer, so please don’t try to invent answers

Normally when there is a lot of emotional upheaval and trauma
People turn prophets and prophetess and they start talking about dreams. Shut ur mouth!
Don’t try to speak things you don’t know anything about,

2. There are things in life we cannot explain so please don’t try to be deep and trying to impress people and trying to explain the mystery of life

3. There are things in life we cannot change, know your limit

I’m not a boy I’m a man Been living for over 58years even though you may not see that, I have seen almost everything
I’ve been poor, been attacked, criticized, misunderstood,depressed, been happy, I’ve had much, I’ve had nothing

4. There are things in life we cannot control, settle it now

5. There are things we cannot stop, things like death, and you can’t even choose when it happens.

6. There are some things in life we cannot be responsible for, sometimes we take responsibility for things that we didn’t cause and it actually destroys us, because we walk away with guilt.

You are not responsible for your children lifestyle after they reach the age of 25
So if your kids decide to do some things, don’t sit around all your life depressing yourself as a parent while they are having fun doing their foolishness, you’ve done your part, they’ve got a decision to make, let them live their decisions.

Some boy decide to divorce you don’t sit around all your life depressed while they are having a second spouse, you ain’t responsible for them making a big mistake like leaving you, get on with your life

You are not responsible if your spouse died

So learn to settle some things so you can live and have peace

7. Things in life we cannot exceed, trust God after that

Expect the best and prepare for the worst

Do all that you can and leave the rest to God

Let God be God

Met so many people who think they are the Holy Spirit
They want to explain everything
They want to convict people to come to Christ

There are things only God can do so behave yourself

There are things only God knows so shut up yourself

It’s ok to tell people I don’t know

3.There are things only God understands
Know what you know and thank God for what you know

4.There are things only God can explain
So Let Him explain

Brother Miles I need a prophecy on whom I’m to marry
Brother miles: I don’t know,
And if I knew I would probably advise them differently

Know your limit, you are not God, so have a good time on earth

1. Know what your limitations

2. Know what you are not responsible for

3. Know what is your responsibility

4. Accept that you know what you can and cannot do

5. Accept that you don’t know what you can and cannot do

And it gives you peace

All of us will die one day so EVERYDAY I write my OBITUARY

You are never remembered for what you did not do

If you can sing/cook/help with children/youth and you are not doing that there is a gap in your obituary, it is being depleted.

There are things we cannot do, but there are things we can do, do them.

Solution to stresses we are going through

1. Every problem is temporarily , including the grief
By the way if you are going through people acting strange around you all of a sudden, just remember they are temporarily insane, don’t throw them away just wait till they come back around

2. Don’t apply a permanent solution to a temporary problem, people go through spells, life goes through spells, you have kids doing foolishness, running off with bad friends, even if kids act foolishness for five years they will return, we saw you son in the night club, yeah he is having a spell he will be back, so go to bed, don’t wait up all night

Danger is sometimes we make decisions because of pressure not purpose
And we realize later and we want to reverse it but it might be too late

The most dangerous thing in life to loose is not your money nor your friends, nor your house, not your car, the most dangerous thing to loose in life is your faith.

When faith is lost, life has nothing left

Judas lost faith and applied permanent solution to a temporary problem

I don’t trust nobody, means if I don’t see him I can’t make it, everyone is temporary

Your husband is temporary, your wife is not permanent, I imagine life without you, just in case, so I’ve attended my wives funeral more than once, for I know not the date

We expect nothing to change and the only thing we are guaranteed is change

Change in inevitable, change is what life is about.

Disappointment is only possible when expectation was present

I told you this things so that when they happen you won’t be offended in me

Expect the worst so you won’t be disappointed

Nothing can frustrate the enemy if the enemy put you in jail and you tell the enemy you expected this, you took away the power of the prison

If you use the death of a person to be depressed as a church for 10 weeks, you have brought a disgrace to God

I imagine life without you

I have attended my wife’s funeral

We don’t expect change, but the only thing we are guaranteed is change

I’ve been to my own funeral, and by the way I already saw who was there, you better be there
And I made a deal with myself, if anybody come to my funeral without wearing a bright color, I’m going to get up out of the casket, walk to you, slap your face, go back in the casket lay down and die again.

I want colors, yellow tie, pink socks, I want blue shoes, red skirts, you all no come here In no black

We don’t mourn as those who don’t have hope

I want all men to wear fine red tie, blue tie, yellow tie, if you got the victory, dress like it, if death got no sting then why death make you look gloomy

Don’t expect me to be your pastor forever

Philippians 3:12/13

Forgetting is necessary for moving

Forgetting what is behind you press forward
Your boyfriend/girlfriend left you for another fella so what you gonna do? forget them, cry a couple of days it’s ok, then after forget them, you were not born with them, only the mature think like this, it was good, I enjoyed it, let’s move on

Excerpts from Dr. Myles Monroe sermon on obituary”

Charisa was not confirmed on the plane crash, there is an unidentified person but Dr. Myles Monroe daughter Charisa was not confirmed to be in the plane crash
From Bahamas Faith Ministries

On behalf of the Board of Governors and the entire Bahamas Faith Ministries Family we wish to extend our gratitude for the tremendous outpouring of love and support by the many persons who have offered condolences and prayers.

Among those confirmed to have passed away in yesterday’s tragic plane crash were Founder & President of Bahamas Faith Ministries International Dr. Myles Munroe and his wife Pastor Ruth Munroe, Senior Vice-President Dr. Richard Pinder, Newly installed Youth Pastors Lavard and Radel Parks and their son Johannan, Pilots Stanley Thurston and Farkhan Cooper and one additional passenger.

Words cannot express our profound sense of loss for all of the team members on this tragic flight. Dr. Munroe was our visionary, our founder, our mentor, advisor, father figure and friend. He was a global leader and icon and was respected worldwide. His wife Ruth was a faithful companion and constant support for Dr. Munroe and was equally beloved.


Was able to break the recording in parts and put it up on YouTube, the link to part 1, found below, still working on others

Part2 http://youtu.be/zUuQOFV4vgs


Inspiration FM 92.3 replayed the message on Sunday , the name of the message is Maximizing Faith and the YouTube link is



State Funeral plans

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73 Responses to Dr. Myles wrote his Obituary before his death

  1. moses ojambo says:

    Dr. opened my eyes especially on his teaching of the value of life. He told that its not important of how long you live but how effective one lives.

  2. emosi says:

    this man of god is my mentor i saw him when he came to fiji i read some of his books his message a so powerful its change my mindset really miss him

  3. Ifeanyi Apanyi says:

    The best way to live this life is to live it in such a way that you will continue living after your death. You remain ever green in our memories pastor Munroe!

  4. anthony ikejemba says:

    Terrific! Pis send me the message via mail- anthonyikejemba@yahoo.com


    To God be the Glory.

  6. Mathilda Adonis - Namibia says:

    I am astonished by this great man of God’s faith. He is a great teacher because he still touches many with his teaching even after he went be with the Lord. I still listen to him every day and my life and my faith has been changed. May his legacy live on.

  7. kgaugelo Evance mohale says:

    To us as Christians; when we live we live for christ and to die is to gain.

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