Get educated about Northern Nigeria

Since it’s in vogue to check demographics of appointees rather than their track records, very well then we shall do so. While most of us are shouting “Northern Agenda” Let’s take a closer look at this expression called “North”. Let’s be sincere, when we hear North, the first thing that comes to mind is Hausa/Fulani/Muslim. But we have all forgotten or simply refused to learn that North is divided into
1. North East
2. North West
3. North Central

1. Core Muslim
2. Almost 200 Minority tribes
3. A fair chunk of Christian population
4. Hausa/Fulani plus Kanuri Majority Tribes

Simply put, the North is 5 times more complex than the South.
Now let’s examine possible reasons why we just assume North to be Hausa/Fulani/Muslim. The answer is not rocket science. It’s simply because Hausas and Fulanis have been dominating the Northern scene since forever. Now let’s take a closer look at Buhari’s Northern appointments so far;
Did we miss the fact that a fair number of the ones in sensitive posts are from minority tribes and in fact Christians??
Now help me ask yourselves, when last did Northern Christians get recognition? When last did we hear of tribes like Kilba, Angas, Tula, Waja? Is it not indeed some sort of change from the usual Hausa/Fulani/SS/Yoruba/Igbo/Muslim we keep hearing all over the place? Ok nau. Are we aware of the SGF is a Pastor of proven integrity? Don’t you think that empowering and recognizing the Christians and minority tribes will go a long way in checking insurgencies and attacks on these vulnerable people by Fulani herdsmen, etc? Are you now trying to say that these minorities in the North who have never been given recognition but have been patiently waiting are lower and inferior Nigerians? Don’t they deserve spots just like the conventional Yorubas which make up SW, Igbos which make up SE and then the different SS tribes? 

I’m not done yet. Have we noticed that these appointees are not your usual politicians? Does that not mean that it won’t be the “awon goons mi” business as usual? They were almost regular people until Buhari made them popular, meaning they don’t have a never-ending list of goons they need to reward. I know most disappointed APC fans had placed their bets on Onu, Fashola, and Ameachi. They have erroneously seen Nigeria politics as a sport betting game or a fantasy football league where you conjure up your own “dream team”. Smh. 

If we still insist on this marginalization talk can we ask ourselves these questions?;

1. Is there more stable electricity in North than in the south?
2. The clean up in sectors so far, does it in the long run affect only Northerners? If the EFCC, Customs, pensions, NNPC etc are functioning properly does it not mean better for us as a whole? When last did you queue for fuel?
3. Buhari just ordered clean up of ogoni areas, (let’s not forget we just had an ND son there for the past five years!) Are Northerners the ones to benefit from this exercise?

Can we please just relax our muscles a bit while we watch how things eventually play out? 
I don’t know why the average Nigerian does not think outside the box. These points here are things I pray each and every person reading this will ponder on with at least half an open mind. This is the first time I will be begging the mods to move my thread to FP. My message must touch as many hearts as possible. 
Call me a hopeless Nigeria-lover. Yeah I know I am because I’m the type that loves with all my heart, I may get angry but I still love.  

Good bless The Federal Rebublic of Nigeria!


Written by a barrister

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