Late Myles Munroe Son gives Speech

Today, at the Gobal Leadership Forum that Dr. Myles was heading to with eight others before the crash, his son Myles Jr. Chairo Munroe gave a speech about his parents death.


I would like to take this time to address all of you here and everyone around the world that has shown their support and expressed their condolences during this difficult time. I want you all to know that in spite of the recent tragedy that claimed the lives of my parents, Dr Myles and Ruth Munroe, my Uncle, Dr Richard Pinder, our Chief Pilot, Captain Stanley Thurston, our first officer, Farkhan Cooper, our Youth Pastors
Lavard and Radel Parks, their son Johannan Parks and their unborn child and our their friend, Diego Santiago. We all have comfort in knowing that God is in control.
I know there are many questions as to how or why something like this would be allowed to happen to such great individuals, but still God is in control.
The past few days have been the most difficult times for my sister and I, my family and all those affected by this loss. We are all saddened by this tragic event, but we are comforted and encouraged by the outpouring of love and support we’ve received from everyone around the country and from those around the world at large .
I want to thank everyone that has called, that has emailed, that has messaged or that has just gave words of encouragement. We are truly grateful. I would like to make it known that though we are grieving our losses, and deeply saddened by this tragic event, we have never been nor would we ever feel hopeless.
There is no question in our heart that the spirits of the 9 persons who were taken, are now resting with our Heavenly Father . We rejoice for we know they are in a better place, watching over all of us and rejoicing among the heavenly angels.
We will not allow death to claim any victory but we celebrate the life and the legacy of each individual. This tragedy does not mark the end, the end of life, the end of a vision, the end of a journey nor the end of a purpose, but it marks the new beginning of an era. An era of a new generation that will carry on the vision and the legacy of my father and my mother and of each individual whose life was lost so unexpectedly.
So let’s not mourn their deaths but celebrate their lives and find joy knowing that although God may not explain Himself, He will reveal Himself.
In the words of my father, “The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but it’s life without a purpose.”  We know there is a greater purpose in all of these and we are now the vessels for this new vision and new legacy to be carried on.
So once again, on behalf of myself, my Aunt, sister, cousins, my family and on behalf of all of those who have lost a loved one this weekend, we say thank you for your kind words, your kind messages and your phone calls, we are grateful.
We are not hopeless, we are not mourning their deaths, but we celebrate their lives.
Thank you.


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12 Responses to Late Myles Munroe Son gives Speech

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  2. Jean Mumphrey says:

    Myles Munroe Jr. I want to first say, we love you and your family. The people of Texas encourage you, your sister, aunt and family. The saints in Texas are standing with you in the passing of your parents. We stand in prayer, faith and love. Therefore young man, we know you all are a great light in the earth, through Jesus who is keeping you all strong. Sis. Jean Mumphrey. Friend of Mr. & Mrs. Godfrey & Linda Higgs.

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  4. James V Albert says:

    well said my brother keep being stronger.

  5. Pat wilson says:

    My thought and prayers for the family and families of the tragic plane crash. We know that God is still on the throne and knows all. Peace and blessing to you all.

  6. Zandile Mbali says:

    Whow your words shows that you have faith thank you so much you are not alone we are praying about you and the church as well God is with you we love God bless you

  7. Larry says:

    My brother in Christ , we are with you in the spirit of colored celebration of life of your Parents and the host others who were involved in the crash. May they rest in the bosom of the Lord.

  8. martha says:

    Jr. your message conveys a lot of reassurance! Peace be with you, your Sis and family at large

  9. Gloria Blacksure says:

    Wonderful seeds that was planted in God’s green earth! Now trees & flowers bloom with a fresh fragrance in the air! Love you Monroe family. Be encouraged.

  10. sipho Mhlanga says:

    Truly Dr Myles has left a legacy that can not be compared to anything – the kingdom of God has been established in our hearts through his teachings. be ye encouraged – Our God is God of all mercies who comfort us in our sorrows. God bless you

  11. Temitope Omidiji says:

    He lives in our hearts forever! I pray for the grace for your family to bear this great loss. my condolence to everyone who lost someone.

  12. Atagana Josephine says:

    Munroe Jr, the LORD is your strength. receive grace to continue….. LOVE YOU & YOUR FAMILY

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