54-Artistry Top Pictures of Nigeria at 55

This year I discovered a lot of platforms and the creativity being churned out is mind blowing, in usual fashion will share to the public my top Nigeria at 55 pictures, this is From 54Artistry

Make-up Artist category on 54Artistry Caileme Beauty, love the turban and flag

Make-up Artist from 54 Artist category Ikeji Bella, love the group combination and the creative style on them

Make-up Artist Alabi Lara, in the 54Artistry collection, the head ties speak volume

tran’quil makeover, make-up Artist category on 54artistry, simple but eye catching, love the attire and how it shouts Nigeria

Artist Category, 54Artistry, Omoshalew Agiri, this is part of the main piece, but i Totally love it

The main piece from Artist Omoshalewa Agiri in the 54Artistry collection, talk about a combo piece with stand alone

Fashion Designer; Bakare Promise from 54Artistry category, totally love this, not sure if it was meant for independence, but it shouts Green/white/green

Graphic Designer; Abiodun Salami in the 54Artistry category, creative

Photographer Tife Bajulaiye, on 54Artistry category, you can tell the professional touch of the picture and the how green white green it makes you feel

Photographer Ogunsemowo Tobi, in the 54Artistry category, challenging the true independence of Nigeria having a female President

photographer Oluwatobi Akangbe, in the 54Artistry category, i love nature, and Nigeria is truly green

photographer BALOGUN SHOLA, in the 54Artistry category, totally love collaborations, and the concept in this shoot gets me, not loud on green white green but then check out the unity and attire depicted

Photography 54artistry category by Studio91mx , I love landscapes and its rare to see it beautifully utilized in Nigeria celebration

Photographer Damii Oyedele, in the 54Artistry Category, killed it with this beautiful composition by the sea, sky and rocks…love it

Phtographer oluwafemi Wahabi, in the 54Artistry category, all i can say is he has the eye of composition, love the image

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