How I was scammed at Computer Village

Let me quickly share something with you. I was once scammed of a huge sum in Ikeja Computer Village, I went there to get a phone for my mom as a Bday present, I met this very young boy(my age mate or a bit older) He approached me and was cajoling me to patronise him. He was staying close to a stall(thought he was the owner) seeing that he was my age mate and hustling, I was impressed and decided to patronise him, I was a naïve young boy then; I never suspecting this boy to be a scammer. He gave me the phone I wanted after we agreed a price and I paid him. Then after checking this phone he suddenly returned my money(now turned paper) and said he wasn’t selling anymore because the price wasn’t good, all this while i didn’t suspect anything, he just collected the phone and told me to come so he would take me to another shop where I can get it for that price. I followed him closely and he met somebody he knew(I guess his accomplice) and they both were exchanging pleasantries, I excused them a bit. Behold I turned around to check if he was done and he was no where to be found, I went back to the stall I met him and asked a man their(the real owner) and he said he didn’t know anything. Still I didn’t suspect oooo. I just guessed we missed ourself in the crowed and I decided to go to another shop because I was running out of time. I got the phone(even cheaper) and I brought out my hard saved money(now paper) to pay. My God!!! I opened the wrapped notes/(paper) and discovered a huge paper covered with only a thousand note, I started searching myself until it dawned on me what had happened. I immediately became weak and dumbfounded the phone seller was asking what was the matter but I couldn’t talk for a minute or two until I composed myself and told him what happened. Well he helped me in the best way possible by swearing for the scammer(LOL!!) I just picked my bag and walked away, I felt so empty and wasn’t able to eat that night because it took me months to save that sum. Later I had to beg my sister to borrow money and get my mom the phone.

*Now after about 5 to 6mnths I went back to the computer village to get a gadget and I saw this boy again, our eyes met from afar and he was trying to hide/dulge me. I walked up to him with a smiling face and asked him whatzup and how he was doing and told him what he did the last time was wrong. I didn’t wait to hear a word from him and I just walked away and he was staring at me(he wouldn’t have said anything reasonable I guess, either he denies or lies: the best he would have said was to apologise and I wasn’t ready for any of it because I was actually impressed about how he out smartened me).

*Now the morale here is: This young boy scammed me and I was dejected, I suddeny became poor and he was rich, I became sad while he was happy. But all in all, I was the WINNER, how??
Because I came back to the same computer village happy and Rich and I met him still scampering to feed, looking for who to steal from again, endangering his life, painting his image with all colours of shame, losing his integrity. How many people is he gonna continue taking peanuts from? 100? 200? Or 500? Until when? And where is his end?

*WHAT IF: this young man from the time we met told me had trouble and needed money? Though I might not give him enough but I know myself, I was surely gonna help him atleast a bit. Will there be a need to hide when he saw me the second time? He’ll be happy to see me and I as well, he’ll come to greet and thank me and now is either I give him more or he helps me in one way or the other(maybe by taking me to the best stores and asking them to give me discount on whatever I want to buy) see!!! It sounds nice now right? Let’s learn to approach life the easier way and be peaceful with ourself and every other person around us.


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