Do you know that you might be committing an Election offence tomorrow?

Nigeria decides tomorrow Saturday 28th of March 2015( Presidential and National Assembly) who leads them for the next four years, although supporters of various political parties have been very vocal on social media, we hope they turn all the energy into something positive by converting it into action by thumb and not by fist #VoteNotViolence #wePledgePeace 


 Campaigning is supposed to have stopped by now, 24 hrs to election, so let’s not engage in any more debates, our civil duty include voting our choice, the person we believe in, that has values we have in common #VoteYourValue although I have identified my own candidate, I will support any candidate that emerges as President, for we all want was is best for Nigeria, our civil responsibility does not stop there, we would have to continue holding our leaders accountable even after election, we do not have to wait four years to demand good governance, we should be able to engage them as they pass laws and policies peacefully.


 Certain things happen during election days that we take as normal, and some people are unaware that they could be going to jail if caught doing any of the following electoral offences, according to the electoral act as can be found on INEC page, find below some of the Electoral Offences.

A person who within the vicinity of polling unit or collation centre on election day:

*convenes public meeting.

* makes unauthorized official announcements;

*wears or carry any badge, poster, banner, flag or symbol relating to a political party or election.

A person who acts or incites others to act in a disorderly manner on election day.

A person who communicates at any time to other person, information obtained in a polling unit as to the candidate to whom a voter is about to vote or has voted for i.e. violation of the secrecy of vote.

A person who on election day does any of the following acts:

*canvasses for votes

*solicits for the vote of any other voter.

*persuades any voter not to vote for any particular candidate.

*shouts slogans concerning the election.

*be in possession of any offensive weapon or wears any dress or facial decoration to intimidate other voters.

*exhibits, wears or tenders any notice, symbol, photography or party card referring to the election.

*use of any vehicle bearing the color or symbol of a particular party.

*Loiter without lawful excuse after voting or being refused to vote.

*use of sirens.


Please go over to for more information and the penalties involved and please share so those that do not know will not remain ignorant, Nigeria will be one of the most desirable Nations to live in by 2025, together we can, we must and we will help make this happen, God bless Nigeria.


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