Raped by her husband’s Bestfriend

Few days ago i got a call from a Lady; all she said was “Pls call me back before i kill myself” , I got very scared and called her back
According 2her ;she was Raped by her Husband’s best friend in their home , he came to the house with the pretense of waiting for the Husband
While carrying out the “Act” he repeatedly told her of how much her Husband talk about their sex life and how good she is sexually…He said the husband never seize to talk about their sex life with his friends, that got the “Rapist” curious and he decided to confirm…He Raped her several times and told her not to tell her husband else she will pay dearly with her life or better still he would say she……seduced him. He took her phone backdated the time and date settings and sent several flirty message to his phone ….He called the husband in her presence and told him he was at the house waiting for him. Lo and behold Husband gets back and the friend…immediately showed him the text messages claiming his wife is just a whore and he couldn’t resist the invitation so he came over to …have a taste of what their friend has been advertising to them. The husband beat her blue black in the presence of the friend and called…her brother to come and pick his sister, he didn’t give her the opportunity to explain, he didn’t check the date and time on the phone..he..believed his friend over his own Wife. She has been thrown out of her home now because of something she didn’t do by a man who claim to Love her. We have taken the case up and the “Rapist” has been arrested and she has vowed not to go  back to her home, to a man who couldn’t defend and stand by his wife, a loose mouthed man and i call him an accomplice as well. Personally i feel it was planned by both  friends I feel he never really loved or cared about her…I might be wrong but that’s just me thinking! The Rapist will pay for his deeds and the Husband will also face the law for molesting and beating his wife! I feel sad and sorry for this woman, You need to see how pretty she is Unfortunately she found herself in the hands of a wrong man. She is at a shelter presently but she won’t stop crying, wasted years with ……a beast . I refuse to call him a Man. I feel pity for her,I cried with her alongside other women who ere present ,even the Police officer cried. I pray and hope she finds the strength to get over this, Heal and move on with her life. Dear Men, Please and Please stop discussing your sexual life loosely with people, how can you claim you love a woman yet you discuss the …most sacred thing you both share with just anybody! As much as i want to blame the Rapist, the husband had a role to play in this. Loosemouth. I can’t begin to imagine how many women who find themselves in this kind of situation but choose to keep silent for fear and shame

Taken from
@estherIjewere tweets from twitter

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