How he waited 28years as a virgin

“I’ve got 28 years of Virginity to pour into One Woman” – Gaisebaba shares Love Story & Wedding Photos exclusively with BN!

We met on October 20, 2012 at a seminar – Steve Harris‘ ‘Business of Your Talent’. I was a participant while she volunteered and was at the registration table, so she was the very first person I saw on getting to the venue. She was definitely beautiful, petite, smallish and all bubbly with smiles and laughter even on top ordinary registration; who born me not to take note!

The Headies Awards were later that night so I had to leave rather early but I ensured I got her Blackberry PIN before leaving. We started chatting I think the next day and we were almost always chatting those first weeks; we obviously liked each other and we both knew it.

We had to wait though. She was in a relationship not very long before, and I needed to be absolutely sure ‘this’ was IT. I remember telling her December 31 that same year that I couldn’t get into any relationship for 6months or even possibly up to a year, also because I was fresh out of one. She was hurt and she didn’t hide it, but her final response after some preamble was,

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