Cknaija’s top must read posts part1

Top posts recommended by cknaija part1

Most times, certain posts that I feel should get more lime light usually gets hidden in the back, so what I’ve decided to do, is blog about some of the posts I believe you should check out, I’m the chef and this is the house special 😉

Powerful speech by Myles Munroe son

For employees and employers… A must read

After reading this excerpts, you may have a change of perception about death

Yes there are reasons to hit a woman, but read before you hit me :p

I’m still a Linda Ikeji fan, but even those we love get reprimanded when going out of line, a bigger fan of the guy scolding her

The world faces a dangerous virus, reading how Dr. Ada survived it is mind blowing and worth a read

Many people believe life dealt them bad cards, share this story with them

A must read to those confused about virginity and sex being overrated

I love weddings but I love marriage more, see why

Crazy or romantic, read and tell

The comments on this blog made the article a must read

Debunking spouse is soul mate thinking

Watch out for part two, and please let me know your favorites by either commenting, sharing or liking, doing so will help others to also find and benefit from the same posts you liked.

The world can be a better place when we all share the right type of information, together we can, together we must, together we will.

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