Unpopular facts about Africa


1. Africa was named after a Roman General, Scipio Africanus who defeated the greatest African General in history, Hannibal Barca from Tunisia.

2. Drinking of alcohol is illegal in almost all parts of Mauritania.

3. Botswana is the least corrupt country in Africa.

4. South Africa has the most US Dollar Millionaires in Africa.

5. Egypt has the most US Dollar Billionaires in Africa.

6. Ethiopia’s economy is growing faster than China’s!

7. Eritrea’s President, Isaias Afwerki is Africa’s least richest President.

8. Eritrea has Africa’s lowest rape rate.

9. Yaya Toure is Africa’s highest paid Footballer.

10. Eritrea’s President, Isaias Afwerki has no limousine, lives in a two bedroom apartment and walks without security.

11. Somalia has the lowest usage of weaves in Africa.

12. Nigeria is Africa’s largest economy.

13. Seychelles is the smallest and least populated African country.

14. Kenya has the highest usage rate of mobile phone banking in the world.

15. Botswana is the world’s largest exporter of diamonds.

16. President John Mahama of Ghana speaks 8 languages.

17. President Ian Khama of Botswana flies his own planes.

18. In Cape Verde, the government put free wi-fi in several places for public use.

19. The Gambia has only 1 university.

20. Lesotho, Swaziland and Morocco are the only three remaining kingdoms (countries ruled by Kings) in Africa.

21. South Africa has the best hospitals, stadiums, universities, airports, banks, infrastructure, roads, hotels and standard of living in Africa.

22. Sudan has the most pyramids in the world.

23. Women once weren’t allowed to own land in Rwanda. Today, women own most of the land in Rwanda.

24. Zimbabweans are the most educated Africans.

25. DR Congo has the most mineral resources in the world.

Credit: Mary Avotu Johnson!


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