We worship football, Beyoncé more than God

You need to visit the blog by clicking the link for the full story… very powerful


Before Beyoncé even hit the stage of the VMAs last night, MTV made sure that they made it clear when exactly Beyoncé was coming on stage. All of the other artists were given a, “coming up next is……..” however, Beyoncé received a countdown. When she finally got on stage, the room that I was in all of a sudden got extremely quiet, and before she even parted her lips to belt out her beginning piece, social media went CRAZY. On Twitter, I saw people tweeting the usual, “Yassssss Bey!” even though she hadn’t yet said two words and on Instagram, my timeline was quickly filling up with photos captured by cellphones of TV screens displaying Beyonce in her jewel studded one piece. Throughout the entire duration of the star-studded performance, I am more than confident that MTV had higher ratings during the songstress’s performance than they did the entire night. When Beyonce performs, especially on television, it’s like the world stops for some people, all of their focus and attention is on her, and people unashamedly show their love and support for her.


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