Abia state is stinking

If only more people could stand up and speak against those in charge of their state, you can’t be happy being a rich man of a poor  state/ country ~ cknaija

Taken from a friends facebook page.. 

Prince Arthur Eze KICKS T.A Orji’s butt : MONEY TALKS baby!!!!

So it needed the VERBAL-BOMBING of MisGovernor T. A Orji, by the multi-billionaire oil-mogul Chief Arthur Eze from Anambra State, for the severe ELECTRIC-SHOCK being felt both online & offline regarding Abia State that has been RAPED to comatose long ago by T.A Orji’s TYRANNY !?

People have been shouting long ago but no one cared to listen! But a “MONEY-BAG” just roared about Abia State and it became “BIG STORY” because MONEY IS GOOD!

Just incase you ain’t heard yet…. At the 23rd anniversary of the cre­ation of Abia State in Umuahia last Wednesday August 27, hear what Chief Arthur Eze told T.A Orji, FIERY EYE-BALL to TEARY EYE-BALL…

“Abia is stinking!! Right from the Abia Tower in Umuahia, the rot hits you! Abia State is now the dirtiest in the country! Garbage everywhere, along with bad roads! The people are really suffering, and you see it in their faces! Are there no elders in Abia again?! If so, what are they doing?! What are the senators, the members of House of Representatives and other elected people doing?! NOTHING!!! ”

Then POINTEDLY, with his FIERY EYE-BALL to T.A Orji’s TEARY EYE-BALL, Chief Arthur Eze ROARED… “If you do not know what to do again, write to President Goodluck Jonathan, and let him come to your aid. Abia State needs help!!”

Having given the gathering a piece of his mind, Eze dropped the microphone on the FLOOR, and walked out.

It’s good for a man to be WEALTHY! If Chief Arthur Eze were to be a scraggy nobody and dare tell T.A orji to his very scowled face that he is clueless and needs to seek for help on how to lead and fix Abia State, I’m so SURE that individual would have received atleast 50-strokes of a very thick KOBOKO and then locked up in a torture-room somewhere!

Pls if you are a man, join me and shout “Chukwu biko gozie munwa bu nwa gi ka’m buru ezigbo ogaranya!”

When MONEY talks BULLSHIT walks!

With this MULTI-BILLIONAIRE BOMB dropped on T.A Orji’s clueless head, he MAY well kiss goodbye to his Senatorial hellish-ambitions!

Thank you Chief Eze!! Our Abia Elders “no get mouth” and most of our so-called online critics from Abia State are SYCOPHANTS, HYPOCRITES & BLATANT LIARS!!

Tony Kanu

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One Response to Abia state is stinking

  1. oha sopuru says:

    i was at abia state what all the radio station sing praise of the governor.i was upset that i ask my host if people do’nt know there work again.

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