Ebola Scare PH and why Nigeria has a big problem

It is sad that as we were beginning to heave sighs of relief in Lagos on Ebola being contained, we get to hear about another case in PH, corruption is really our major problem in this country followed by bad leadership and followership, we have Doctors like late Dr. Ameyo Adadevoh who alerted authorities and prevented the ebola carrying Liberian from leaving to spread to more Nigerians, then we have other Doctors who would receive monetary gratification in exchange for their own life, family and loved ones and even Nigeria…

What is really wrong with us? It’s one thing to blame the leaders, it’s another thing to see the people who should know better, an educated medical practitioner, gambling with the lives of his nation, now we hear he is dead and his younger sister escaped to Abia, but has been recaptured back into quarantine… which way Nigeria?

At least 200 people who came in contact with Dr. Enemuo, who died last Friday in Port Harcourt, have been placed in quarantine for close medical watch.

Dr. Enemuo had contracted the virus when he was secretly treating a staff of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) who, in turn, had had contact with Patrick Sawyer, a Liberian-American who initially brought the disease into Nigeria. Mr. Sawyer had slumped at the Murtala Muhammed Airport in Lagos shortly after arriving there on July 20. He was rushed to a Lagos Hospital where he died five days later. A doctor, Ameyo Stella Adadevoh, and two nurses who helped care for Mr. Sawyer in Lagos have also died.

SaharaReporters discovered that the ECOWAS diplomat who had had contact with Mr. Sawyer flew to Port Harcourt the same day the Liberian American died, and met up with Dr. Enemuo. Apparently aware of the deadly nature of the disease afflicting the diplomat, Dr. Enemuo opted to treat him secretly at a local hotel.

After recovering, the ECOWAS staff flew back to Lagos to seek clearance to travel out of Nigeria. Quarantined and checked for Ebola in Lagos, he was found to be free of the virus. However, a few days after he left Port Harcourt, Dr. Enemuo took ill and was hospitalized at Good Health Hospital in Port Harcourt where he died of the disease.

The hospital has been closed down, and close to 70 people immediately quarantined by Nigerian health officials. However, as at last night, more than 200 people who had been in contact with Dr. Enemuo and the ECOWAS diplomat had been quarantined as well. Dr. Enemuo’s wife recently took ill with Ebola symptom.

Read the link below to get the full story on how the sister of the dead ebola doctor escaped from port harcourt to abia


Port Harcourt Ministry Of Health Release.
“If you visited Samstel Clinic, Rumuokoro, PH, within the last few weeks, you are kindly urged to report to the Rivers State Health Ministry!
“Please search yourself and if this concerns you, please go and get tested immediately.
If you were in this hospital but have left Port Harcourt, please look for where to give up yourself. Everything is being done to curb the spread.
Please do your little part to help. Do not hide family members who you think might be infected.” God bless you as you Obey!

In other News, TAN i.e Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria south south are suppose to hold a rally today 30th of August 2014 at Liberation Stadium , EVD is known to spread through body contact and since rallies means people from all over travel to gather and would disperse back to various destinations caution has to be ELABORATED…
The good thing is that at least the doctor strike has been suspended and the 1,600 resident Doctors that were sacked have been recalled, we need all hands on deck…
It is a good thing schools are not in session and the Government took a proactive step to postpone the resumption date to October 13…
Please, if you suspect yourself or a loved one is infected, running away or living in denial will only put yourself, family and people you care about and who care about you in more danger, call any of the Hotlines on ebola, SAVE THESE MINISTRY OF HEALTH EBOLA HELPLINE NUMBERS. They work. 08023169485, 08033086660, 08033065303, 08055281442, 08055329229
Share information to everyone you care about, yes we should not panic or fear, so read up more on how to protect yourself and others, we owe one another to be our brother/sisters keeper.

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