Do we really have to test drive?

Okay guys, you keep talking about “test-driving” a girl before marriage.Let’s turn the tables and see how it feels. Let’s say you find the woman you want to marry. She’s perfect in every way, except for one thing: she’s been “test driven” by all the guys who have the same mentality as you. She’s been treated like a commodity by guys to make sure she’d do, but for one reason or another they rejected her. How does that make you feel about those guys who “test drove” your now-fiancé? When she says, “Keep in mind I’ve had to sleep with a lot of guys because, as you know, guys need a test-drive,” will you understand? Or are you expecting brand new “cars” just to keep rolling up to you for your test drives?
Or better yet, how would you feel if you were taken on a test drive? What if, after having had premarital sex with the woman you want to marry, she said to you, “I’m sorry, everything about you is perfect, but I just can’t marry you because you were a horrible ‘test-drive,'” and then discards you into a junk-yard heap? See how hurtful that is?
Girls, stand your ground and tell him you’re not buying a car; you’re searching for the person you’ll spend the rest of your life with, raise a family with, and grow old with. You’re much better off to look for connection in other areas — spiritual, personal and emotional compatibilities. The last thing you need to worry about is sexual compatibility or performance. You’ll just have to trust me (and thousands upon thousands of marrieds) on this one: sexual compatibility is something that grows, matures, enhances over time, and surely can’t be judged on a “test-drive”. When you test-drive a girl, chances are she may not be relaxed enough and so at the end of the day, your conclusion about her would be wrong.
Don’t let him blackmail you with this whole, ‘after all you are not a virgin; you’ve been with several guys before now’. He will test drive and move to the next victim.
And for any man out there using cars to compare women, you have no regard for womanhood. How on earth could you use a lifeless object to compare someone made in the image of God?
Dear daughter of God, you have been test-driven enough, don’t go ahead allowing them take advantage of your vulnerability. The truth is that when that man who honestly wants to marry you comes, test-driving you would be the last thing on his mind. And hear this; if your marriage is built on how hot the sex is, you are on a faulty foundation because when you are no longer able to be that good, he hops from one bed to the other. Never allow anyone reduce you to a sex object.

Taken from a friends facebook page, original Authour AMARA

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