The American, Liberian and Nigerian reaction to Ebola

Taken from Stephanie MMA facebook comment on Sahara reporters facebook page

Question 1: American doctor started having symptoms of Ebola because he was treating Ebola patients what did he do?
Ans: He personally quarantined himself even before authorities suspected him of contracting it.

Question 2: A Liberian educated man contracted Ebola what did he do?
Ans: He ran as fast as his legs could carry him and boarded the next available flight to Nigeria, on a mission to distribute the virus to other people.

Question 3: Nigerian Nurse contracted Ebola as well what did she do?
Ans: She was quarantined by authorities and the next we heard was that she FLED quarantine then took GUO or Ifesinachi Transport and landed in Enugu to unleash the virus on other persons as well.

1. Does Ebola pursue people infected with it around? If not;
2. Is something wrong with Africans?
3. I thought she was under surveillance? So where all the ‘surveyors’ run to while she was fleeing? Or were they afraid to catch her?
4. How come only 20  persons have come in contact with her or do they mean to say she practically flew like a bird to Enugu without making contact with anybody till she got home?

I pity the nurse anyway, she was either missing her family members or she doesn’t want to die alone.
May God heal them all.

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