How Ebola has exposed Leadership in Nigeria

Awesome commentary on the Ebola epidemic by Canada based Nigerian Professor Pius Adebola Adesanmi –

“But for the lives we are losing in Nigeria and West Africa, I would have stated that I have fallen in love with Ebola. This virus is creating a strange, unfamiliar creature in Nigeria called responsible leadership. I doubt if there is any Nigerian in my generation who has ever witnessed responsible, hands-on, on-top-of-the-situation leadership in his or her entire adult life. What we are familiar with is an irresponsible leadership of escape into an alternative universe.
The roads are in a shambles? No problem, we shall escape into our helicopters and private jets.
The hospitals are in a shambles? No problem, we shall outsource our illnesses to the healthcare systems of South Africa, India, Germany, USA, and Canada.
The schools are in a shambles? No problem, we shall ferry our kids to the school systems of Benin Republic, Ghana, Malaysia, Ukraine, South Africa, Europe, USA, and Canada.
No water, no light, no security? Never mind. We are doing just fine in Lekki, Ikoyi, VGC, Maitama, Asokoro etc. For your information, Boko Haram, kidnappers, and armed robbers do not normally operate in our own areas of town.
And so it goes. For every problem, Africa’s most irresponsible leadership has only one solution: escape and leave the people at the mercy of the elements.
Then comes Ebola. Then comes the democracy of death. And everybody suddenly becomes responsible. Your private jets and helicopters are no answers to this one. Unlike Boko Haram, armed robbers, and kidnappers, this one does not respect neighborhoods. Run where you will, your drivers, gate men, cooks, houseboys and housegirls, personal assistants, etc, can bring it to you behind your high-walled fences in Government House, in Aso Rock, anywhere. Alas, you cannot abandon the people to this one and run away as usual to America. Obama will quarantine you and return you to Abuja Zmapplessly. So, we are in this one together in Naija. You cannot run.
All of a sudden, state and federal authorities are up and doing. All of a sudden, President Jonathan is at his presidential best: reassuring, advising, commander-in-chiefing, speaking very knowledgeably. All of a sudden, the President who needs a one billion-dollar loan to fight Boko Haram is magically finding enormous sums of money – without loans – to fight Ebola. The Minister of Health has been as busy as ever. Even Labaran Maku has managed to be less permanently foolish for once in his career as a Federal Minister, correcting any foolish statements he makes almost immediately as opposed to moving on directly to the next foolish statement. Ah, there is nothing like the democracy of Ebola. I like what it is doing to the leadership of Nigeria.
If only the threat of Ebola could become the reward for wicked and irresponsible leadership! Picture this situation: if you loot all the money for roads, schools, water, light, security, etc, you will catch Ebola o. Imagine the sort of leadership we would have!”

Taken from I AM NIGERIAN facebook page

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