2015 elections around the corner and we have many people that have made and are still making inciting comments, the two major political parties seem not to be helping the situation, perhaps we can’t have a political party of our liking yet and all we can hope for are individuals who are better than what we have presently, below are recent updates I’ve come across against the two parties and would be nice to hear those in support defend their political affiliation, my aim is to keep the discussion burning and hopefully create an awareness that whatever we say or do, people are watching and recording.

2updates below, a short one against APC and a longer one for PDP(they have been in power longer)

Against APC

Taken from Salami Taiwo Ramon facebook page

APC Leaders 22 Notable Quotes.

1] Go and die! – Oshiomole to the widow
2] I only reduced tuition fees to N50,000, I did not
reduce school fees. That’s why the students are
paying N120,000- Fayemi
3] I only congratulated my brother, Ayo Fayose, I did
not concede defeat- Fayemi
4] APC will end Boko Haram within 100 days in office-
5] IBB is Nigeria’s biggest problem – Tinubu (2004)
6] We need IBB’s wisdom to move our nation
forward – Tinubu (2013)
7] If you pay N25,000 as school fees, you will get
N25,000 worth of knowledge. But if you pay N350,000
as school fees, you will get N350,000 worth of knowledge- Raji Fashola
8] You can’t expect me to run for 2nd term because it
is only a failed student that repeats a class- Raji
9] Abuja is not for poor people -Nasir El-Rufai 2006.
10] Take charms, guns and cutlasses to polling units-
11] If I lose the election, Nigeria will be soak in
blood- Buhari
12] I only got N5bn contract from CBN governor- El
13] If I don’t allocate FCT lands to my friends will I
allocate it to my enemies.” – Nasir el Rufia to the
Senate Committee 2009
14] If your monthly salary is below N100,000, leave
Abuja because you don’t deserve to be there”.- Mallam
Nasir El-rufai, FCT Minister – Addressing low Income
Nigerians living in Abuja in 2004
15] I open this university for the poor and the school
fees is N800,000.00- Atiku abubakar
16] Tinubu is a regional leader – El rufai
17] Buhari is unelectable and not corruption free – El
rufai, (2011)
18] Rig election and be roasted – Tinubu (2014).
19] He who make peaceful resolution impossible
makes violent resolution inevitable. – Atiku Abubakar
20] Fashola should sack all striking workers – Tinubu
22] I’ll make d country ungovernable if I lose the
election- Buhari
22] If wat happenz in 2011 hapenz in
2015, d “dog and d baboons will be soaked in blood”
– Buhari

Against PDP…

Taken from Zayyanu Abubakar Dankolo facebook page

When the President of a Country Justifies Corruption Everywhere He Goes And at Anytime, So Much That He Could Come On National Television To Shamelessly Declare That “stealing is not corruption”, Then You Should Know That The Country Being Ruled By Such President Is In Dire Straits. At A Glance You’ll See Him Doing The Following:
1. Corruption and money laundering charges against Mohammed Abacha have been dropped because of his defection to the PDP and is therefore being prepared as the gubernatorial candidate of the party in Kano state so that Kano may be eventually ruled by a rogue like the person imposing him!
2. Ayo Fayose who was once impeached as governor of Ekiti state for corruption and stealing, and is still facing charges of murder and stealing was imposed by Jonathan as the PDP governorship candidate for the election on June 21, 2014 in Ekiti state! Same thing in Osun state where Senator Iyiola Omisore who is largely suspected of being behind the murder of Chief Bola Ige has been imposed as the PDP governorship candidate for the state’s election in August this year!
3. Petroleum Minister, Diezani Allison – Madueke who supervised the disappearance of 20 billion dollars in 2013 is still sitting pretty as minister, and she is being encouraged not to even appear at the National Assembly for the probe of her spending billions of naira for her private jets. In fact, to reward her for corruption Jonathan nominated her for the OPEC top job!
4. Charges of corruption and theft of public funds against former aviation minister Femi Fani-Kayode are not being prosecuted seriously, which means they could also be dropped in the light of his new job as”Lier – in – Chief” for Jonathan’s 2015 project!
5. What about Stella Oduah’s famous earth shaking financial embezzlement and certificate forgeries? Last time I checked, her hometown honoured her for making them proud while she was minister! Don’t laugh, please! Nigeria is sick! Thieves are the honourables, and that’s why they keep getting more and more powerful!
6. What about those who stole 2.6 trillion naira in 2011? No one is in jail for a penny! Anyway, we all know that that money was used to buy the presidential election held that year, and traditional rulers and religious leaders became very wealthy from that perfidious cash. And can you see why they have lost their voices on the rubbish going on?
7. Does anyone talk about the great rip off at the Nigeria Immigration Service of which millions of job seekers were duped of their money, and 26 of them died in stampedes contrived by corruption? Oops! The minister is still at his job and the so called jobs promised to surviving families of the dead have been kept at a cooler somewhere, probably in Sambisa Forest! Or have you heard anything about it again?
8. Should we even talk about the annual One Trillion naira security budget? Wow! Don’t even go there, please!
9. Did I almost forget the famous pensions funds rip off by one Rashid Maina who was going about with security convoy like some state governor? Some cool 300 billion naira (about 2 billion dollars) was carted away by this guy. But how far? Nothing!
10. Keep counting! If you are a thief and very corrupt, all you need to escape justice is to defect to the PDP and hide under their accursed umbrella that has not sheltered the country from the fingers of those holding the umbrella. And after you defect, call a press conference and mumble some jumble about keying into the Transformation Agenda of the president. When you do that, you can be sure of a grand reception for your defection, and then you can be sure of not being prosecuted, then you will be fully on board the Fresh Air train that has polluted the health of the nation. Conversely if you defect from the PDP to any other party, airports will be shut against any aircraft carrying you so that the plane can crash and kill you if it has no enough fuel or security will be withdrawn from your official residence so that a killer squad can kill you easily, or if you are a state governor, your state legislators will be bribed with huge sums of money to scavenge for very old cases to use to impeach you, or if you are legislators there will be pressures on courts to declare your seats vacant but if you defect to the PDP there will be no such quest and pressure to have your seats vacated.

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