We could save a life


We could save a life

Meet Miss Hassan Halimat Olabimpe, she urgently needs our help, she has been suffering from cancer of the kidney and because her family does not presently have Eight Million Naira (N8,000,000), she has over the last three years lived on dialysis which costs Fifty Thousand naira(N50,000) and it is done twice in a week, because of financial constraints this has not been done in a while which has resulted to swollen stomach and body deformity, rendering her paralyzed. An urgent operation needs to be performed on her which will cost Three Hundred Thousand Naira (N300,000).


Bimbe before the kidney failure

I was approached by a friend of mine to broadcast this message, to solicit for help, being skeptical about most broadcasts I had to scrutinize and ask her questions to understand more about the situation, I am a bit choosy about what comes up on my blog, especially now that it concerns asking people for money because most times the impression people get is that you came up with a good story to capitalize on emotion and goodwill of people.
How many stories do we hear daily of people passing away? And some of such deaths could have been avoided if we had a good healthcare system in place, currently as I type the Doctors in Nigeria are on strike and people are dying, are we becoming so cold hearted that the value of life means nothing to us? Yes we could blame government for not doing that for which we elected them to do but aren’t the leaders a reflection of the people? Don’t we deserve the type of leaders that govern us?

I have decided not to sit on the fence anymore, and neither should you, we don’t have to wait till disaster comes knocking on our door before we take action, what if we start being our brother/sister(s) keeper? What if we come together and create small support groups to take care of such health care cases, or a pressure group to make sure those we elect into office do that for which we sent them to do in providing basic infrastructure for the common man…


An old family pic: brother,mother&Bimbe

Bimpe is the third child to a primary school teacher, Her  Elder brother Hassan Saheed, a final year student at the University of Lagos has taking it upon himself to save her life, I questioned him on why it took him so long to ask for help, he told me that his mum(the primary school teacher) had been the one taking care of the bills and has gone broke doing so, they have been reaching out for help but it’s not enough, from my interview with him Bimpe then had just finished WAEC before the kidney failure happened, she attended Hope Bay College Mazamaza, find attached to this post her pictures, I refused to attach her current state in the hospital because it is a bit disturbing, but on request I could send it to you either via mail or other social media.
Her brother Hassan Babatola Saheed can be reached on 08022343380 for more information, her own phone lines are 08096448993, 08131190014.


Early stages of Growth

Her bank details
Hassan Halimat 0015875423 Sterling bank

Her brothers bank details
Hassan Saheed B. 0108842484 GT bank

If each of us can donate just one thousand naira (N1,000) even if we are just 10 people and we are able to share this message/ this cause to others and each person reaching out to another 10, we would multiply our N1,000 naira exponentially if each can do something.
If you want to take this farther than just contributing cash or reblogging or rebroadcasting let me know how, my email is cknaija@yahoo.com my bbm channel pin is C00440E18, twitter handle is @cknaija


Recent pic of growth

I have never met the Hassan family before, I don’t have much to give, but I know if it were my sister I would appreciate any help rendered even from strangers, this is my individual social responsibility, join me to make it ours, even if it’s by sharing the link on your timelines.

We can save a life, we can save our own lives, imagine a New Nigeria where we take care of one another, where we value life, let us rally around Bimpe and use it as a point of refrence to affect other societal issues, Nigeria will become the most desirable Nation to live in, we have to be part of the solution and not a problem to be solved, together we can, together we must, together we shall, so help us God. Amen.


Just got this broadcast from my friend…
some things in life are beyond human comprehension, no one can really understand why they happen, death has a way of making us feel hopeless. While we are alive and breathing, let’s be grateful for life, thanks to every person who contributed to her being whole again, Bimpe Hassan passed on during the night, may her soul rest in peace

Sad News, I am short for words, may the Soul of Bimpe Hassan rest in peace, Amen.

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