I can do better than your husband

“Some” men are just dogs and no apologies for the statement.

On my way to work and this car behind me is honking and flashing. My alert bells come on. I do a quick check on my dash board in case of any “alarm” lights. None.
I keep moving. In fact, I step on the accelerator and he does same. “Ha!!! it has happened. So, today na my turn” I keep thinking.
But I notice from my mirror that the guy is actually smiling probably imagining what I am thinking and how wrong he must have been thinking I was.
The honking and flashing continued.
I said to myself “something may be wrong on the outside of the car and he is trying to be a “good Samaritan”. I keep going, looking for a “safe place” to stop just in case the car actually has a problem and/or “otherwise”. And he is still following.
Got to a place where there were enough activities ranging from keke guys, to “kwosai” sellers and passengers waiting and stopped.

This guy impeccably dressed comes down, walks to my car and the following ensued with me still sitting in the car “just in case”…

Guy: Good morning. I am sorry I made you uncomfortable.
Me: Good morning. Is anything the problem?
Guy: No problems. I have been watching you for a while now and I cannot help it. I want to get to know you better.
-At this point I lift my left hand containing my “metals”…
Me: Oga I am married. I am sure you can see that!
Guy: It doesn’t matter. I can do better than him.
Me: EXCUSE ME?????!!!!

I started my engine and revved very hard leaving him standing there.

True, true many are mad but few are roaming.
This is the kind of man that give men bad names.

For security reasons, it is advocated that one has various routes of going to and coming from work. Now, this goat will be one of the reasons I will be changing routes.

Taken from Mercedes Ekwutosim Okwukogu-Egwo. Facebook page

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One Response to I can do better than your husband

  1. nwaka says:

    This is a case of marital thuggery. Men and women with wants luring vulnerable spouses out of their marriages. It’s real and it requires a God fearing person to overcome such temptation. These thugs take ones spouse and the affected partner will be unable to do anything about it.

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