How a guy uses facebook to sleep with women and how he was arrested

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Adenuga’s impersonator sleeps with banker, posts video on net

A female banker, working with one of the new generational banks, almost fainted after a con-man, who she met on Facebook and had sex with, posted a video showing her nude pictures on internet.

When the banker, Judith, in her twenties, came out of her shock, she ran to the Ajah Police Station to report the case.
According to the police, the suspect, Iweka Chris Chigoziem Nnamdi, 32, a Nnamdi Azikiwe University graduate, was as cool as cucumber after he was arrested, smiling like he had not committed any crime.
A few days later, Judith was rushed to the hospital.
“Judith, who used to be lively, is now a shadow of herself. She has lost weight drastically. We are worried about her,” a close friend said.
According to a police source, Nnamdi always gets his victims through the social media sites, especially Facebook, after which he will lure them to a hotel or his one room-apartment, which his brother-in-law gave him to live at Ajah.
The source added that Nnamdi would convince his prey of his undying love and had sex with her while his already planted video camera and sometimes, webcam would be recording all the actions.
No one knows how many women Nnamdi has conned, it is believed they are many, judging by the number of incriminating nude pictures and videos found on his laptop.
The suspect, according to the police, is a professional fraudster, who also often poses as an estate agent, selling property in Lagos. He was already working on another female victim before his arrest.
Once he had lured the victims into having sex with him, he begins threatening to download the video on internet if they do not pay certain amount of money into his account. The state Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Ngozi Braide, who confirmed the story, said the police believed that the suspect, through this dangerous game, had destroyed many marriages.
One of his victims, simply identified as Mrs Abubakar, refused to heed police invitation to come forward and testify, saying she was not interested in whether Nnamdi had been arrested, killed or alive.
According to her, the harm had already been done, after the suspect sent a video of her sexual intercourse with him to her husband.
The woman, whose husband was described as a multi-million, was sent packing from her matrimonial home. She now lives from hand to mouth.
The suspect became friends with Judith on Facebook, while pretending to be Mike Adenuga, one of the richest businessmen in the country. Adenuga’s Globacom is Nigeria’s second-largest telecom operator.
He also owns stakes in Equatorial Trust Bank and oil firm, Conoil. Forbes estimated his net worth at $4.3 billion, in 2013, making him second wealthiest Nigerian after Aliko Dangote. Judith, who believed that the person she was dealing with was the genuine Adenuga, especially with his face on his Facebook display, fell for the suspect’s antics. When he eventually asked her to meet him at a hotel, she did not think twice about the invitation. “The case was reported to the police on April 20. The complainant alleged that the suspect chatted with her on Facebook for months until he invited her to a hotel in Ajah, under the pretense that he was Mike Adenuga, the chairman of Globacom,” Braide said.
According to her, the suspect modus operandi is to get the victims to a hotel, pretending to be a notable personality or celebrity.
Once the victim accepts the invitation, he would tell the lady on phone to exercise patience and wait for him, that his Personal Assistance (PA) would be at the hotel to entertain her. The victim would be unaware that Nnamdi was the boss and PA.
Once the victim walks into the hotel, Nnamdi, posing as the PA, will placate her to wait for his boss (him) and later would try to convince her to have sex with him, if she must see his boss. He would tell her that, “to see God, you have to see Jesus”. The hotel, which was already booked, had hidden camera, which immediately becomes activated once the suspect switches on the ceiling fan to cool his guest.
“When Nnamdi finally met with the victim on March, 14, he chatted with her and finally convinced the complainant to have sex with him, unknown to her that the suspect had bugged the hotel room with camera. So while they were having sex, the entire action was being filmed.
“After this affair, the suspect started sending threatening text messages to her, demanding she must pay various sums of money to him, otherwise he would send the nude pictures to her friends and to her colleagues in her office,” the PPRO added. Judith thought Nnamdi was kidding until on April 15, when he sent her the first nude picture, just to show her that he was not making idle threats.
“He also sent a GTB account number, to which he asked her to pay N200, 000,” said Braide. Judith was yet to recover from the shock of seeing her nude picture, when Nnamdi went ahead to download on her Facebook timeline, the video of them making love.
About 325 of Judith’s Facebook friends watched the video. When Judith bravely went to lodge a complaint, the police started trailing the suspect. Nnamdi who was unaware that he was under surveillance continued calling and threatening Judith. He was not only asking for money, he was also asking for more rounds of sex. The police asked her to play along.
She went to meet him at the hotel and it was there that he was arrested. “After his arrest on April 21, in a hotel at Ajah and following interrogation, police recovered the suspect’s laptop and quite a number of sex pictures and videos of the complainant and also a host of other victims of the suspect.
“He made confessional statement to the effect that he did all that police recovered on his laptop, his BB and Techno phone. On his laptop, police discovered that he had a list of prominent Nigerians such as Mike Adenuga, Pius Ayim Pius, Nwabara Adolphus, Van Vicker, a Ghanaian actor, Joy Nnwedu, among others.
“He had been using these images and names to defraud unsuspecting Nigerians. In fact, he has broken marriages as confirmed through our investigations,” Braide said. According to her, Nnamdi has been charged to court on an eight-count charge.
The case would be coming up on May 26, at Tinubu Court 6, Lagos. On March 28, Nnamdi wrote on his Facebook timeline: “To the ladies, stop forcing yourself to be a man’s girl or his number two when you have someone begging to have you alone in their life! It’s better to pray for your own partner than being a side girlfriend to anyone.

Taken from a friends facebook page

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