Hero Nigerian policeman

Hero Nigerian policeman


I was moved by this story in a small corner of the Guardian. It wasn’t big enough to earn a headline – (He’s not a politician).

The story goes that a man had gone to withdraw N150,000 cash in one of the banks in Abuja. Making his way home, a man snatched the money from his hand and jumped unto a waiting bike (Okada). At the same time, corporal Tanko was making his way to the bank and witnessed the incidence. He immediately gave the robbers a hot chase with his bike. When it became obvious that they are about to land into hot soup, they threw the money away and ran. Corporal Tanko retrieved the money, and came back and returned the money to the owner intact – this man who never believed he could get his money again was full of praise for the gallantry of the officer.
– Source Abiyamo”

Taken from Wale Olajumoke facebook page

These are stories worth telling, help share this to change perception of some who believe there are no good men in Nigeria or even in the police force~ cknaija


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