Got a message saying Yahoo is deleting my account in 12hours

 The message goes like this

Dear Valued Customer,

We have received your request to terminate your email account and the process has started by our Yahoo mail team, Please give us 3 working days to complete the shut down process. All files on your yahoo mail including (Inbox, Sent, Spam, Trash, Draft) will be deleted and access to your Yahoo Email address will be Denied. . Click on the link below to cancel now. Failure to cancel request at this time will result in permanent account termination. This is an automated system generated warning message.blah blah blah… then it will tell you to click on link… don’t…


  That’s NOT from Yahoo, it’s a phishing scam to hack your account
1 – ALL emails regarding your account will be from an address, NEVER or anything else
2 – ALL emails regarding your account will ALWAYS have a purple Y! logo to the left of the message in your Inbox
3 – ALL emails regarding your account will always address you by your name (i.e. Dear John, Dear Mary), never a generic greeting (Dear Customer, Dear Yahoo Account Holder, Dear Valid User, etc), your email address or no greeting at all
4 – Yahoo will NEVER ask for any personal details in an email and will never ask you to click on a link to ‘verify’ your account. The ONLY time you are asked for personal info is when you first set up your account
5 – Yahoo Mail has UNLIMITED storage so there is no way to exceed its limit as Yahoo has NO limits
6 – Yahoo does not terminate accounts unless you have not logged in for more than 6 months

Mark as Spam so it gets reported to Yahoo and they can shut down that account. Don’t click on any links or call any numbers  


share this message to your friends and family, because if they hack them they can also get information about you, one love

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