Is Twitter For You? Part 1

Is Twitter for you? Part 1

A beginners guide in answering the question

“In 140 or less characters he communicated how she was the centre of his world and it was not enough, but she believed him anyway … for it was not in what he said but how she felt when he said it.” ~ @cknaija 2014

This post was originally meant to get certain friends of mine to OD (overdose) on the tweeting drug but then I’m not a twitter junkie, I haven’t really been that active on Twitter, compared to my social media counterparts regarding the twitter frenzy craze, in fact I’m one of the few proud introverts left in this popularity crazed digital world that we have found ourselves. But then we can’t all be shy like me 😀 and even if we want to compete for the award of last standing mediocre, while the rest of the world is moving on with all urgency, we would still need to pick up the form that is fast selling out on Twitter.

Twitter is a social media platform that links you to the rest of the world, the phrase the world is a global village” is summarised by the twitter-sphere, it’s almost like proof that you are alive and not just existing (sounds extreme until you eventually meet such social snobs).

As funny as that may have sounded people do take Twitter that seriously, and they should for a lot are making money by just re-tweeting what someone else wants them to say (not to mention those that are actually gifted with creativity), it is fast becoming the yard stick to determine how cool you are or how retro, in fact in the nearest future the first question you may be asked by either a potential date/stalker and or an interviewer, won’t be the famous “what is your name?”, it would be “are you on twitter? “And the answer you give to that question would determine if they would classify you to be interesting, old fashioned, in vogue or mediocre, the next thing they would do would be to check you up and see your past tweets, but more importantly your followership and who you follow, most pretty ladies do well in this department, and semi-nude ladies do extremely well on followership (disclaimer: I’m not encouraging nudity for followership in fact I plan on starting a trend #clotheTheNaked lets talk :p ), either way twitter becomes almost like your social currency to show how relevant or irrelevant you are in this global village, it would form many peoples opinions about you, whether you are on it or not, whether you are active or not, whether you are influential or among the influenced, whether you are a potential client or the competition, the possibilities of you being judged without you being aware or knowing what you are even going to be judged by just grew exponentially, and I do not want to add twitter-phobia to the list of our already saturated phobias, but we do need to know the tremendous potential that lies on this double edged sword.

A book I would recommend (they should pay me for this free advert… another opportunity to use twitter) is “who moved my cheese” by Dr Spencer Johnson, the book teaches in simple analogies the Topic; CHANGE, that it happens and we could live in denial and be reactive when it happens or be proactive and move with the tide/change, catch the wind and learn to sail with it before we are swept away and become extinct like dinosaurs.

Twitter brings together like minds, yes the profane seems to get more attention and followership but then you would be shocked by the reasonable people out there looking to connect with you but can’t find you, because you are either not there, or you are and are inactive. Yes it may start up boring at first, but what if I told you that you don’t have to do it alone, that I and the others, I will list as the blog series continues, both new and veterans in twitter and social media would come to your aid with articles like this, who are worth following and who would love to follow you especially if you don’t belong to the profane or popularity-contest clique. what if I told you that we could customize twitter to suit our type of quiet personality and still have tremendous followership and networking hence social currency and level of influence on social media, what if I told you that you could make money buying/selling and having fun simply by knowing how to use 140 and less characters to communicate effectively, would you listen?

The original post was actually meant to be Twitter for beginners, but it was too cliché, the question; “is Twitter for you?” is the question I ask myself as I write, each and every one of us have/has passion(s) that we were born with, some have it in excess some are yet to discover it, twitter is a platform that has come to help us harness our inertia by networking with others all around the globe through time and space, which in the not so distant past used to be limiting boundaries.

Follow me on this ride and I assure you, at the end you will be glad you came along, what do you have to lose? It’s difficult stepping out of our comfort zone, success is usually found at that one step we should have taken and failure at the step we did not take, people pay good money for consultation, you have it for free(at least almost free if you calculate your phone, pc and internet as expenditure 🙂 rather than as assets)

To be continued…

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Would love your feedback , drop your twitter handles as you comment, for followership and also feel free to share this blog-post to others whom you know need inspiration to answer that question… Is Twtter for you?

“It is not enough to be a good man, you must bear fruit, you must encourage other men to be good, you must be a mentor”


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6 Responses to Is Twitter For You? Part 1

  1. Mavy says:

    Nice one! I’ll look forward to the part 2.

    • cknaija says:

      Happy you liked it, while waiting you could also attempt the quiz … He who knows how to make money off you while making you feel good in 140 or less characters is called a… 🙂 then tweet @cknaija or use the hash-tag #ckmentors to send in your answer, would love to hear from you.

  2. Ndu says:

    ……is a man with great insights.

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