Rabbit vs the Hunter

The rabbit runs faster than the hunter!

Off course!!!

This is because the hunter is running for his dinner while the rabbit is running for his life! #‎gbam !

By psycho-analysis, two of the 21 Hexavian Laws played out //Law10 (Risk) and Law 1 ( Purpose)//

To grow, you stay hungry..

Your purpose will determine your hunger, and your hunger will determine how fast and far you can go..

Have you noticed, that hunger hasn’t killed anyone you know, not even poorest or the laziest man you know?

Here’s why…

In Micro-economics, its called the Utility Theory. When broken down, it simply explains that for you to move ahead, to leave your comfort zone, then the pain of where you are (say hunger) must become larger than the total effort and sacrifice to get there (steps to food). Until this happens to you/your business/family/team or you simulate it in your mind, you’d keep complaining ONLY. #‎YouareNotReady !

But at that point of move, even the laziest and poorest man would take the step that excites a quantum energy that will leap him to the next level of his life, of your team, or business!

By statistics, did you know that only less than 20 percent of any generation ever succeed (Paretos 80:20 principle)?

This is because most people are ordinary (80), they wait on the Utility Theory. And only “Extra”ordinary people (20) go the “Extra”Mile..

That route lives here, alongside Nigeria’s best and most emerging successful minds with value.

The Potters Lounge Ikoyi…coming soon!

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