Love me or I will swear for you naked


The GIST is that some months into their relationship, he told her that he wants to quit the relationship, so as to enable him focus on what he has with another
lady-that makes him happy. The lady cursed, swore and the latest of her threats is that “she is giving him a number of days to come back to her or risk running mad because by midnight of the said deadline, she will pray some dangerous prayers-in her nudity!!!!!.


LADIES, it’s high time “some” ladies start
RESPECTING themselves in a lot of ways. If a man has mustered the courage to tell you IT IS OVER…I think it’s time to look elsewhere. Someone once said “The essence of courage is not that your heart should not quake, but that no one else should know it does..

Dear woman,when you hear such news,don’t quake or shake openly,as though you have lost gold,and even if the heart is quaking,put on the face of courage and say goodbye with a smile Once you hear his verdict,there is no need of hanging around, thinking and crying while ‘acting crazy…He won’t come back,however how much you cry and threaten.He has made his decision so should you also decide to move on. If you threaten and act crazy,you are actually REDUCING your person before

If a man calls it quits with you-WISH HIM WELL AND GO YOUR WAY! IT WILL DESTABILIZE HIM MORE,IF YOU SMILE AND PRAY FOR HIM,AND IN YOUR WORDS,BLESS THE OTHER WOMAN THAT HE LIKES MORE! [IN CASE YOU HAVE THE COURAGE TO DO THAT] I keep reminding all that whoever is cajoled into coming back to you (in a relationship) can never make you happy especially when being with you makes them miserable,because deep-down, they wish to be elsewhere.

So it’s often best to release them, and in doing so…you are also opening a new chapter in your life. In any case, I appreciate very straight forward guys
like the one in this scenario. I mean, rather than treating her shabbily and acting funny, he chose to come clean with her… In such scenarios,a SELF RESPECTING LADY will dust her feet and find the nearest exit. Who knows, sometime in the future- they might even become GOOD FRIENDS,apart from partners in a marriage. There have been instances of where such guys that felt they are happier elsewhere,got there only to realize that the grass is not exactly greener on the other side of the fence, and they ended up crawling back…only to realize that the lady he left for someone else, is no longer where he left her-she has also moved on.

It’s one of my aunts that told me that the greatest BLISS in life is when someone that left you does not meet you at that spot (he left you),when your paths cross in life again…that is, SUCCESS IS THE SWEETEST REVENGE!

Work hard to improve yourself; so much so that they would often ask themselves (accompanied by a BITE OF THE FINGER) -DID I MAKE A MISTAKE? .let
me also leave you with the following words that I read somewhere- ‘’A person can NOT be defined by the failure of a relationship, but unfortunately-some people do themselves this dishonor. The end of
anything can also mark the beginning of something new-maybe even MORE beautiful.

Everyone has a right to be treated with a degree of respect…no one should mourn the end of a relationship that breaks -down. If anybody can walk out on you without justification-he/she is not worth thinking about. Starting life again can be done at any age, it can be scary but life begins when we give ourselves permission to LIVE, to LOVE and LAUGH again-the rest is all in God’s capable hands’’ “Dear woman of God,if you aren’t happy being single, you won’t be happy taken.

Happiness comes from within, not from men” Life’s secret is learning to be content,in whatever state you are in as you draw your strength from God,the
source of life” May God give you the strength and courage to move on,if you have been affected in one way or another.You are God’s beloved,let go and let God.Just dust yourself and move on.

The Lord is your exceedingly great reward and he will remember you one day but don’t stoop too low,and look so low,when a man says goodbye..Smile back and wish him well.

Taken from a friends fb page

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