what if we were all heroic?

Today, for BEYOND THE QUOTE, we’re going to tell you a true tale of heroism that took place not in a war zone, nor a hospital, but in Victoria station in London in 2007, during a tube strike. Our hero – a transport journalist and self-described “big, stocky bloke with a shaven head” named Gareth Edwards, wrote about his experience.

Gareth was standing with other commuters in a long, snaking line for a bus, when a smartly dressed businessman blatantly cut in line behind him. (Behind him: this detail matters.)

As you can imagine, this person, this interloper suddenly turned deaf and did not hear the people around him asking, yelling, TELLING him to move to the back of the queue. So this journalist, Gareth Edwards suddenly had a EUREKA moment and turned to the elderly woman standing behind the queue-jumper, and asked her if she’d like to go ahead of him.

She accepted, so he asked the person behind her, and the next person, and the next – until 60 or 70 people had moved ahead, with Edwards and the angry queue-jumper shuffling further backwards all the time.

The bus finally pulled up, and Edwards heard a shout from the front of the line. It was the elderly woman, addressing him: “Young man! Do you want to go in front of me?”


Every morning as I come into work, there is a 3 lane expressway that converges into two lanes. Just where the lanes converge, buses take up the right hand lane. The left hand lane verges off into another direction, while the central lane goes straight ahead. EVERYBODY wants to go straight ahead. You would think the answer is clear right?

WRONG! At first we all stay in formation – waiting patiently for our turn. Then one smart person from the back zooms ahead on the left hand land and cuts in to the front of the line at an angle. Seeing his success, about ten more people follow. Then everything disintegrates into chaos. This is because we live in a city of queue jumpers – people who’ve never heard of a straight line. Now imagine if we had a Gareth Edwards in such a situation.

So what are you – a queue jumper? A follower? Or are you a Gareth Edwards? Change your thinking, change your life and make a difference by doing the right thing when others do the wrong thing.

Taken from SMOOTH 98.1FM facebook page
@SopeMartins and @RadioMazino

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