Have you heard about Genvoices?

A lot of people claim the youth are a lost cause, that they can’t govern Nigeria, I’ve always challenged people with such closed minds, I told you guys that the revolution has started in Nigeria, social media has opened up the platform for like minded Nigerians to come together and discuss Nigeria, be it Facebook , twitter , blackberry, blogging sites, movements and organizations like GEMSTONE , or individuals who refuse to bend or bow to the current status quo of mediocrity, greed, corruption, selfishness , tribalism, religious bigotry and etc.
I present GenVoices, read about them below but more importantly watch out for the telethon taking place on the 18th of January 2014, for more info about that read on and please share~ cknaija

Generational Voices or GenVoices, is a growing global movement of Nigerians aged 18 to 40 but inclusive of a dynamic group of older mentors and contributors. We were conceived as a means to convert online and offline efforts into practical national change.

We recognise that social media chatter alone will not deliver sustainable solutions to Nigeria’s problems. Without constructive participation in governance and policy, our generation will continue to be denied the opportunities to widespread impact.

Therefore GenVoices will initiate, support, fund and inspire projects, platforms
and people who align with our values and mission. With a humble sense of responsibility and maturity, we will guard the hopes of young Nigerians as we help to build our nation.

Taken from their website. http://genvoices.org/about/

Following a landmark endorsement by the United Nations, Generational Voices (GenVoices), the project-driven platform to harness the offline and online energy of young Nigerians for practical efforts towards nation building, has unveiled other details for the historic 100,000 Voices Telethon to be hosted by hoststation, Channels Television from 10am – 1pm on Saturday, 18 January.

With this, the GenVoices Telethon will be broadcast across Nigeria through Channels Television and to at least 22 African countries through DSTV’s EbonyLife TV – reaching at least 25 million across the continent and the Diaspora through the internet.

30 chapters of GenVoices will also join the broadcast live across the six geo-political zones as well as 10 country chapters of GenVoices, with Channels Television also broadcasting live from the Yar’Adua Centre in Abuja. YouTube, Google+, Online Streaming, Tweets and Facebook posts will be flooded with our “Ready To Lead, Ready To Serve” message. During the programme, we would receive live correspondence from the over 30 GenVoices Chapters in the United Kingdom, Cyrpus, Texas, New York, Washington DC, Canada, Spain, Ghana and the six geopolitical zones across Nigeria.

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