We need political parties with ideologies not power and money hoarders

Comments I agree with on social media


Paul Oduye wrote from facebook:
These guys’ mentality is that they are the owners of Nigeria Plc and would do anything, including, defecting, collaborating, merge even denounce their own mothers and claim it’s in the interest of the nation just so they can hold on to power and be relevant.

Nigerians need to wake up and smell the coffee.

The only interest is theirs and them only. To protect their properties from the lootings, to ensure they are not prosecuted and punished for their corrupt practises and to always dictate who holds what position.

PDP or APC; are the same, corrupt, inept, failed clique re-cycled.

Let us not fall for their gimmick. It’s only people lacking in principle and conviction of what they believe in that chop and change easily like chameleons.

Deji Dip wrote from facebook:
Have we forgotten what Hakeem baba Ahmed wrote about these executive criminals? If our politicians think Mandela is as great as they have been shouting why can’t they emulate Nelson Mandela in selfless leadership, simplicity and service to the people? While Mandela died in his country South Africa, many of our politicians die abroad except when they die in an accident. Mandela was hospitalized and treated in a South African hospital throughout his health challenge while our leaders prefer to go to foreign hospitals to treat common headache or catarrh. Mandela died a contented man and not a wealthy man. He did not own any diamond mine, private jet, bullet proof vehicle, whereas our politicians are fighting themselves over our oil blocs and our national treasury. Mandela did not worship money. He surrounded himself with the love of the people. Mandela was not known to be religious. He never attended any special religious convention. He served God through service to humanity, forgiveness and love for his neighbor. Our politicians have many spiritual leaders praying for them yet their ways are not right with the people they claim to serve. God is not mocked. He sees the hearts of all men. Shame on all Nigeria leaders shedding crocodile tears and paying tributes to a great man like Nelson Mandela. Pay tribute to him by emulating his leadership style. Mandela believed its better to lead from behind and to put others in front. All we are asking is for the leaders to do like Nelson Mandela. Fix our hospitals, give the masses quality education, give us good roads, lead by example. All we are asking is, fix Nigeria. Please share until it gets to our good-for-nothing politicians who are stealing us blind. According to Nelson Mandela, We must use time wisely and forever realize that the time is always ripe to do.

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