PDP VS APC bigots or tribalists

Have you guys heard that Nigeria government is planning to lock down social media activists? I guess this is one of the reason, social media shares information that the government would like the public to be ignorant about, and if that makes us criminals for educating the ignorant, then I would like to see how they will lock us all up, for we are under a democracy and part of the dividends of democracy is freedom of speech, expression and association, daily more info has been flowing, and 2015 is around the corner(election year for Nigeria), the two main contenders APC and PDP have been on each other neck and one begins to wonder if they are different from one another, either way Nigerians have to make an informed choice, they need to know what the people they will be voting for stand for, social media has and is still doing a lot to educate the populace, below are recent information flowing from the two parties, and you will be shocked by the issues being debated, religious bigotry and tribalism.


Taken from Uzor Charles fb page

” All Progressive Congress

Who wil 1st call me a bigot??

Who will 1st call me a tribalist??

APC is not a secular/National party yet,,it’s a Muslim party (Nigeria Muslim Brotherhood)….
Look @their Leaders…

1.Leader North-Gen Buhari.muslim
2.Leader South-Bola Tinubu..Muslim
3.Nat’l Chairman-Bisi Akande..Muslim
4.Deputy Nat’l Chair-Bello Masiri.Muslim
5.Nat’l Sec-Tijani Musa..Muslim
6.Dep. Nat’l Sec-Mallam El-Rufai..Muslim
7.Nat’l Pub Sec-Lai Muhamed.Muslim
8.Nat’l Treasurer-Sadiq Umar..Muslim
9.Nat’l Fin Sec-Shuaibu Musa..Muslim
10.Nat’l Legal Adviser-Muiz Banire..Muslim
11.Nat’l Youth Leader-Abubakar Lado..Muslim
12.Nat’l Women Leader-Sharia Ikeazo..Muslim
13.Nat’l Auditor-Bala Jibrin..Muslim
14.Ex-Officio-Yemi Sanusi..Muslim.
15.. 11 out of 15 Gov’s..Muslim.

Now,Who will tell me that APC is not currently muslim party??


“Femi Fani-Kayode seems to settling down well; releases own statement on APC criticism” – via TheScoop on June 30, 2013 – by Dare Lawal

Former aviation minister and senior special adviser to former president Olusegun Obasanjo on public affairs, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode only recently switched camps from the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to the rival soon-to-be registered All Progressives Congress (APC).

He has wasted no time in making himself at home in his new party recently tweeting about a champagne-filled evening rendezvous with the ACN leader, Bola Tinubu together with two ACN governors.

Following the accusations against his new party on Sunday by some critics on social media that the APC’s interim national executive is an all muslim affair, Fani-Kayode released a statement lashing out at the critics saying that they are either “mischievous or plain ignorant.”

He rehashed the argument already made by the APC’s interim publicity secretary, Lai Mohammed, that the party has “interim national officers on its interim National Executive Comittee. 18 of those officers are muslims and 17 are christian.”

READ: The Social Media Fire-Storm Which Forced Lai Mohammed To React On Behalf Of The APC

He described the list being circulated as a “PDP ploy to sell a lie to the public and attempt to clothe it as truth and it shall not stand. The truth is that there are many more religious and ethnic bigots in the PDP and much more ignorance than there is in any other party in Nigeria. ”

To prove the assertion that the PDP, more than the other parties has more bigots, he said, “It is the National Chairman of the PDP by the name of Alhaji Bamanga Tukur and not that of the APC that recently described the Islamist terrorist organisation called Boko Haram as ”freedom fighters”. It is the leader of the PDP by the name of President Goodluck Jonathan and not any APC leader that recently described Boko Haram as his ”siblings” whom he ”could not move against”. It is a leader of the PDP in the person of Governor Isa Yuguda who recently said that he knew the various factions in Boko Haram very well and that he knew what they could do and not do.

“So if you are looking for those that know Boko Haram well, that secretly sympathise with them and that are inclined to treat them with kid gloves look to the PDP. If you are looking for those that are ready to dine with that terrorist organisation and that have slaughtered over 7000 Nigerians in the last two years look to the PDP and not the APC. Our PDP Federal Government has been soft on terrorism from day one and this has led to the burning down and bombing of hundreds of churches all over the north.”

Speaking further, he said, “Those that accuse the APC of being a party of Islamic fundamentalists, Islamists and terrorist sympathisers or a party for only muslims are completely wrong. This is nothing but PDP propaganda. I despise and abhor Boko Haram yet I am in APC. I am not a muslim but a practising and devout Pentecostal christian yet I am there and there are millions of other christians there too. We are all there. The APC belongs to all of us and not just the muslims. And neither can the PDP be described as the christian party because there is nothing that is wholesome, good or christian about it’s behaviour and performance in the last 5 years.

All this PDP propaganda has to stop and they should stop attempting to label others or to bring religion into politics.”


Perhaps we are in between the devil and deep blue sea, and we are in need of another option, parties without ideologies and cross carpeting taking as normal, and issues of bigotry and tribalism being the major issue given attention does not say to well about Nigeria politics, but we must get it right, and we will, as more and more Nigerians are educated and liberated from ignorance, Nigeria will get it right, we must and we will. So help us God.

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