BBM channels ;Reason to love your bbm app again

BBM Channel is one of the coolest stuffs that has ever happened to BlackBerry. for those that still don’t know what BBM channel is, it’s a social network just like facebook or twitter that allows you to share pictures, words and interacts with your followers. Anyone using a BlackBerry phone can create a channel and be able to share contents with his followers. when you follow a channel, you get the channel updates just like you normally get updates from your friends whenever they’re listening to songs on their device, changing their display pictures or updating their BBM status. So it’s very easy for you to follow a channel and not miss out on any of your favorite channel post. They are lots of cool channels to follow like Sport, Entertaiment and so much more.


1. You can Create a Channel or join any one
2. You can re-post from other channels to your own channel
3. You can comment on channel post
4. Channel owners can chat with followers if you enable it.
5. You can share original picture size which means no cropping which is fantastic for those who hate cropping of images and GIF pictures can also be shared.
6. Followers can also reply to other followers comment and much more.

How to Download it.

For you to be able to use it, you’ll have to Update your BBM to the latest Version. Go to BlackBerry App World to download and enjoy using BBM.

It’s only available for BBOS and BB10 users. No news on yet on when it will be available for Android and iOS users but i’m sure something will be available soon.


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