Why Anambra State Election on Saturday is causing controversies

Here are INEC official figures for the election
Registered voters = 1 ,763,751.
Accredited Voters= 451,826.
Total valid votes casted= 413,005
Total invalid votes casted=16,544
G-total votes casted. = 429,549
Cancelled votes =113,113
Actual validated
votes casted. =316,436
1) Willie Obiano =174,710
2) Tonye Nwoye = 94,956
3) Chris Ngige = 92 ,300
4) Ifeanyi Ubah = 37,440
To understand what happened here:
The total votes casted for the candidates , which is
*399,406, is GREATER than the votes INEC said it
validated, which is *316 ,436.
The difference between the two figures is* 82,970.
The question now is who got the * 82,970 votes.
*Fingers are pointing at Willie Obiano
If you do the maths –>174,710 minus 82,970…. you
will get 91 ,740
So the TRUTH is the election was RIGGED in favor of
Willie Obiano , by INEC official. He actually got ONLY
91,740 votes casted and not 174, 710, INEC wants
everybody to believe. He came 3rd and not 1st.
THIS WILL NOT STAND! This was no mistake or
The Big Fraud Committed By INEC To Rig Anambra
Election…APGA Candidate Actually Polled 91,740
Fejiro Oliver
While Nigerians especially Anambra voters await
November 30th to go to the poll and vote in their
choice candidate for the supplementary election, our
reporters in her analytical newsroom has uncovered
the hidden scores behind the election that was held
on November 16th.
Our reporters who monitored the election reported
rigging in many polling votes visited, with the ruling
All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) sharing N10,000
to voters to cast the vote. Unsure of how the
Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC)
came about the votes allocated by voters, we
discovered a big fraud mathematically and
According to INEC, out of the 1,763,751 voters
registered for the election, only 451,826 were
accredited. Total valid votes stood at 413,005, while
the invalid ones were 16,544. Total votes cast were
429,549, while 113,113 votes were nullified or
cancelled as INEC used the term. This was where our
reporters acting on intelligence scoop found the
rigging blunder. With those number of votes
cancelled, the State had only 316, 436 valid votes
The electoral body told the world that the candidates
scored the following votes, which were written
against their names.
Mr.Willie Obiano of APGA got 174,710 to finish tops
Mr. Tony Nwoye of PDP polled 94,956 to finish runner
Mr. Chris Ngige of APC was third with 92,300 votes
Mr. Ifeanyi Ubah of LP came fourth with 37,440
The amazing results totaled 399,406 which were cast
during the election, which we gathered is NOT
possible under any calculation in statistics or
mathematics, bearing in mind that INEC declared
429,529 votes casted, out of which 113,113 were
nullified, with only 316,416 legitimate votes casted.
This calculation by our reporters render the election
invalid and we can report with all authority that the
election was rigged, as the votes allocated to the
candidates do not reflect the actual numbers of
voters who voted. The vote given to the candidates
by INEC is higher than the number of votes casted.
82970 votes as we have always maintained were
added to the votes of the APGA candidate, Willie
Obaino, thus making the election a scam and a sham.
An addition of the votes ‘scored’ by the candidate and
the invalid votes brings a total 512,519 voters,
thereby rendering the 429,529 votes casted as
announced by INEC fraudulent, with same wide
margin of 82,970 ghost voters added. With the
removal of the ghost voters allocated to the APGA
candidate, he has a legitimate vote of 91,740.
The supplementary election has been rejected by the
APC, stating their refuse to partake in it. We also
have it on good authority that the PDP candidate has
refused to partake in the supplementary election, but
he is under pressure from the presidency to take
part, promising him a ministerial or ambassadorial

Taken from
Samuel Ani Facebook Page, yet to be verified

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