Ann Coulter yabs Nigerians calling them 419

@AnnCoulter wrote about Nigerians:

”The problem isn’t their complexion, it’s their CULTURE. In America, we think only DUMB people become criminals. That’s not true in the Third World!” ”Nigeria, for example, leads the world in criminal enterprises. Every level of Nigerian society is criminal, with the smart ones running Internet scams, the mid-range ones running car theft rings, and the silly ones engaging in piracy and kidnapping. At the University of Lagos, you can major in credit card fraud”
”There were almost no Nigerians in the United States until the 1970s. Today, there are nearly 250,000 Nigerians in the U.S. (committing the cyber-crime Americans just won’t do!). In 2011, we took in more immigrants from Nigeria than from the United Kingdom (9,246 from the U.K. and 9,344 from Nigeria)”

This is the perception unfortunately by a lot of myopic people, both outside and within the country, lots of Nigerians have been raining insults on the writer via her twitter handle, but then can’t we focus our anger on those who rubbish the image of the country? Can’t we focus our anger on the politicians looting our commonwealth and using tribalism and religion as a cover? Can’t we instead of travelling out to another man’s country come home and fix Nigeria? Can’t we who claim to be good, honest, hard working, come together to network and mentor the younger generation? You may be reading this and are also angered by the situation we have found ourselves, if you feel you would like to help make a difference, you would like to meet other likeminded Nigerians already making a difference by networking and mentoring and volunteering to fix Nigeria, then feel free to email me,, I’m on twitter @cknaija but if you would prefer a bb group email me your blackberry pin.

We must, we can and we will help make Nigeria Great.

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