In summary of Love

I could not have said it much better, she simply spoke my mind on the topic love 🙂

Sometimes a person is not all they seem to be and sometimes they are but it’s just not meant to be. Whether you believe it or not,You are someone’s dream so don’t be desperate for anything…even love.

Stop trying to figure people out to the point where you lose your essence. The right person will love you just as you are.
Stop trying to figure out what you think he/she would like and Be you. He/she will and should love you for that.
Don’t hold on to things that you really want to let go off cus they’ll hold you down.

I believe that Love is what you make it be, so when it doesn’t work, don’t fuss over or worry too much and blame yourself or think about how and where you went wrong you know… maybe it was just part of the ultimate plan but be certain that when the time is right, Love would work out the right way for you. *

And to all of you struggling with your feeling towards a crush or a person, come on now, If you love someone, SAY IT!!! What have you got to lose??

And to the single ones that are ripe for marriage and there is no one forth coming, hey, Live and let love find you. What’s on the inside will (eventually) be seen on the outside. A golden fish has no hiding place, you know…lol

And to the too picky and choosy one, please don’t be moved by appearances. Look for substance cus you never know when you let the good ones pass you by.

To the strong independent Ladies out there, i know you strong and you want to show it and be respected for what you have been able to accomplish in life but hey sweetie, let the man be the man. Give him his ego… when you take that from him, you make him less of a man that he truly is…

The bottom truth about love, that i have come to figure out is that You either connect with someone or you don’t, more like you either stand for something or you fall for anything. honestly don’t fight it or force it, love will naturally find its way to you.
One more thing, to those in a relationship, please Don’t assume just Communicate, cus communication is one of the most important keys to long lasting relationship, be it marriage or courtship..

And If you’re not comfortable being yourself with him/her, get comfortable or run away as fast as your feet can carry you!
Just know that Some people are a lesson that you must learn to move on.
If they makes you feel unworthy, run!
When it comes to love, don’t start what you can’t/don’t want to finish, no matter how tempting it proves to be.

Be with someone who makes you want to be better.
Be with someone who motivates, challenges, encourages, and supports you. Someone who challenges the status quo and mediocrity.

Seriously, You can’t take care of someone if you don’t take care of yourself but if you can take care of someone other than yourself then please be someone’s joy not their heartache.

Spread love. Show love. Tell love. Give love. Do love. Believe love and trust me, if you think you cant love again because how brutally battered love has dealt with you, trust me Love can be learned and you will begin to love again, regardless of your pain that’s only if you set your mind to it…so to the likes of you, i will say, teach love through forgiveness and don’t play with love and moreoever don’t lie to your heart.

Love yourself and love will find you.
and ultimately, Ask God for permission before you fall in love. You’ll be glad you did.
In conclusion tonight. I will just say that Love is beautiful and it creates beauty.
Love shines so Love freely.
Focus on the love you have not the love you want.
Love, don’t lust.
Ladies, if a guy CLEARLY isn’t interested in you, heed the signs, breathe, and move on! He don’t know what he missing!

For every one thing you don’t like about a person, look for two things you like.
• Allow love.
• When you love, you learn.
• What’s your vision for your marriage? Ponder on it and you will have a clearer picture of who you want to spent the remaining part of your life with..

Edem Jane Lawrence

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