you saw who they were before marriage


In as much as you’re in courtship and basking in the beauty of going sight seeing, visiting friends, attending functions, exchanging romantic pings and snapping pictures… must’nt get carried away by all these and fail to properly study your spouse’s true Character before deciding to spend the rest of your life with him/her.

Truth is::;Any trait you fail to see before marriage, you should not be complaining about it in marriage.

………..He publicly slapped you on several occasions only for him to come begging with beautiful gifts afterwards. You saw him, on several occassions beat up his sisters at the slightest provocation and you care less about that. You see how rude he is to his mother and your female friends and it means absolutely nothing to you! Do you need binoculars to see that he has no respect for women and is quick to use his fist? Truth is, when married to you, he will probably pound you in a mortar and not even peanut will come your way…..Now you’re married to him and you’re complaining that he beats you up?

……….You were so carried away by her irresistible beauty that, you probably woefully failed to see how her mother controls her father, you simply did’nt realise her mother calls the shots in their house, hence her word is law….. And you’re now complaining that your wife likes challenging your authority?

……….You were probably totally blinded by physical features and desperation for marriage that you woefully failed to see that he can’t spend a night without a woman and as he is talking to you, he is saying the same thing to ten other women. You just did’nt care about his chains of girlfriends, so long as its you he got married to, you don’t give a hoot about the other ladies in the picture. Now you’re married to him and you’re complaining that he chases anything in skirts?

………..Lust blinded your eyes that you failed to see that for him, there is no friendship when it comes to money. He makes it clear to you that every penny he drops has to be accounted for. Even before the marriage, you saw that he/she cannot be trusted with money and your secrets. Yet you got married to him and you’re now complaining that he is stingy and petty minded?

………..You saw that he aint the Religious type and it didn’t matter then, because you’re courting; why does it matter now whether he prays/believes there’s’God or not?

I can understand it if you tell me you were forced into that marriage due to intense family pressure. . . . . .But when you tell me you Courted and made up your mind to marry her/him, please stop complaining and live with his/her flaws because, you not only saw the warning signs, but also chose to see it as something you can live with for the rest of your life. Hence you made the choice to ignore the warning signs and be carried away by your emotions, thereby letting your emotions becloud your snese of reasoning. I’ve awlays said it, if love drives you crazy, be sure to wear your seatbelt.

If you are single, please learn from the mistakes of others now; don’t wait for anyone to learn rom your own mistake. There are very good guys and girls around, each with his/her own perfect imperfections. Take your time to study them before walking down the Isle with them. Don’t get carried away by a smooth talker. The smooth operator got you choked with too much of “Baby I love you” that you left the guys who were genuine and fell for him. Now, you know that it’s not in the saying but in the doing. . . . . .The babe was just too hot in bed that your sole reason for deciding to marry her is her sexual prowess, and the next thing was “I want to take you to mama”. Now you’re married to her and you have seen that there is more to life and a beautiful marriage than just having a hyper vibrant porn star wake up by your side every morning. Look before you leap, forever is too long, a time to be unhappy.

May the good Lord help us to make a good choice of husband and bring peace for a divided family in Jesus name i pray, Amen.

Taken from
Love Sex Marriage and the Catholic Church
Facebook page

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