Freedom and Reason lessons from chickens

” On monday, I went out to hang my clothes in d early hours of the morning. I noticed that they were an unusual no of chickens surrounding my neighbours door step. I wondered what they wanted and why they were at my neighbour’s door step. After hanging my clothes, as I was going back to d door of my house one of them followed me and soon after the others joined.

I was surprised. In any case, I said good morning and entered my house. As I was about leaving for work I asked my mum about the chickens. She smiled and said, our neighbour feeds them everyday. He drops rice grains. He started first with one chick (‘ the encounter ‘) then soon after the other chickens noticed. And started coming as well. Today they are more then 10. Every morning, the chickens now patiently wait at his door step for breakfast with certainty that my neighbour will give them their daily bread.

At this, I smiled bcos I saw the two factors of faith ‘ reason ‘ and ‘ freedom ‘ at work right before my eyes. For the chickens, it was reasonable to come there every morning for breakfast (reason) bcos they have learnt from daily experience that my neighbour cares about them. As a result they make a conscious effort every morning (freedom) to come and wait patiently for rice grains.

I also saw how reason becomes the ‘ ladder of hope’. Previous experience of being fed made them to come and wait ‘ patiently ‘. my mum also told me that sometimes our neighbour wakes up late and as a result feeds them late. But they still wait all the same.

Obviously, there are days when he does not feed them bcos he has some important appointment that makes him leave early in the morning. This does not stop them from trying again the next day.

I am grateful to this chickens and my neighbour for teaching me an important lesson. I have to be more attentive to daily life experience cos there is a lot to learn. ”

” The truth of Reality becomes transparent in experience. ” Guissani.

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