What type of wife are you or will be?

Pro 12:4; 31:10-31; Ruth 3:11
We examined the type of husbands and their traits yesterday. Lets take a look at the type of wives and their traits. This is just meant to help us look inward and see where we have fallen short and make amends where needed. We all are work in progress and nobody can lay hold to knowing it all in this marriage journey. Read and get the message.

1. Society Wife
These are women who
• Are very mobile and very sociable
• They are always attending one function after the other (every wedding, bridal and shower, kitchen top up, office functions etc)
• Are barely at home on weekends to have time with their husbands and family
• Can spend family food money on gifts

2. ‘Know it All’ Wife
These are women who
• Don’t take suggestions: the way she thinks is the way it is
• The way she knows is the way it is be maintained – no changes
• Very orderly and became very angry when things are misplaced in their home set-up

3. Baby Wife
These are women who are
• Spoilt by their parents (normally from rich parents or they’re the only girl in the family of many boys)
• Are lazy, hardly do household work
• Love spending money shopping trivial girlish things
• See their husband like a house boy

4. Corporate Wife
These are women who
•Are career minded that their family does not matter
• Are always using carrier as an excuse of not being at home for their family
• Don’t respect their husbands and makes educated women look bad
• Think a husband is not important because they can support themselves

5. Nagging Wife
These are women who
• Always look like they are sick and down trodden
• Love to complain on everything (husband, children, relatives even weather)
• Are always afraid and live in anxiety

6. CEO Wife
These are women who
• Make themselves in-charge of the family even when the husband is a sole provider of the home
• Treat everyone as a child including their husband and visitors
• Are very questionable and will punish their husbands for any trivial things

7. Wrestling Wife
These are women who
• Are very offensive and sometimes can be violent
• Like shouting and they are nagging
• Believe in fire for fire

8. Rocking Chair Wife
These are women who
•Are very dirty and unkept
• Very unorganized and confused
• Very lazy at everything except gossiping and eating
• Leave everything to their servants or their children

9. CIA Wife
These are women who
• Very protective of their husband
• Very jealous, every woman seen as a threat
• Sees husbands friends as bad company
• Does not let anyone discipline their child even a teach
• Husband’s family, friends and workmate are scared of her

10. Virtuous Wife
These are women who
• Virtuous wife (Proverbs 31)
• Caring, loving and very smart
• Very helpful, they can even handle husband’s business in his absence
• Provides spiritual guidance to the children
• Very understanding and full of self-esteem. Have a wonderful day.

Which category are you? You can flip sides today and be the wife of your husbands dream. God bless you and bless your homes.

Taken from family strong fb page

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