List of senators for the child bride and more information

This is a compilation of all articles and comments regarding the Nigerian Child Bride I could find, plus my views, and a list of those senators that are in support of the child bride, it’s about time Nigerians unite and speak for those who have no one to speak for them

The Nigerian Senate just approved language that would remove the protection for young women and girls from repeatedly being rape in the guise of early marriage.
New York-based Guttmacher Institute’s study reports that the Nigerian authorities have been failing to implement sexual health education for decades and now, the Nigerian Senate has made it part of the Nigerian Constitution to give adult men the right to take any young girl as a wife, even as young as ten years old. Here is the senate’s new rule: “”The Nigerian Senate also resolved to alter Section 29 (a) of the constitution that stipulates that a woman shall not be qualified for marriage until she attains the 18 years as they deleted age specification for women being married from the draft constitution and left the marriage age for women open. The Senate claimed that a woman is deemed to be “full of age” once she is married irrespective of the age she did so.”
We need your help to get ACTION from the United Nations to stop the government of Nigeria from this grave injustice!
Help our young girls grow up to reach their God-given potential.

“We’ll Insist That Our Daughters Be Sent To School And Not To Infant Marriages.

Education is the bedrock of every society, and the education of the girl child is as important as that of her male counterpart.

We therefore are surprised that Nigeria’s Senate didn’t consider making it mandatory for every girl child below 18 to be in school. Instead, they gave a legislative seal of approval for the marriage of underage girls. That means even a 5 year old toddler could be married off by her parents.

Nigerians of all tribes and religions have rejected this, and therefore undertake to stand against the state-sanctioned abuse of the girl child. By tomorrow, Saturday, 20th July, 2013, we’ll be signing a petition that’ll be forwarded to the National Assembly, Abuja.

If you are in Abuja, the venue is: Unity Fountain, by Transcorp Hilton. Also the Park. Time is: 9am-12noon.

For those in Lagos, the venues are: 1. Ojeez Restaurant, National Stadium Surulere. 2. Alausa Park, Opposite Lagos State Governor’s Office, Ikeja. 3. The Palms Shopping Mall, Lekki 4. New African Shrine, Agidingbi, Ikeja. 5. Arrangements are still on-going for those in Festac Town and it’s environs.

Time is 9am-12noon.

We also ask you to volunteer your time to help us take papers to churches and mosques for signing. We need to gather as much signatures as we can push for within just 2 days. Millions of them, if we can, will speak more than mere thousands. And if the millions are in their tens, then better.

We will save the girl child. She’s a #ChildNotBride.

I am Cknaija and I support the #ChildNotBride initiative”

let’s all sign this petition to stop those perverts from ruining the lives of our daughters, sisters and future mothers. There is a meet up@ 9am-noon today(in Abuja & Ibadan as well, same time)opposite the Governor’s office to sign the petition, but knowing a lot of pple may not make it pls ff this link to sign the online petition: Lagos has four venues thus far, so if you happen to be around any of them, please do not hesitate to drop by; The Palms Shopping Mall, Lekki, New African Shrine, Agidingbi, Union Bank, Alaba Junction Oja Alaba axis, and Ojez Restaurant, National Stadium Surulere. THANK YOU, please SHARE!

Below is the link to the list of senators in support of underage brides, it’s high time we know our representatives and find out if they are really representing our interests

Some people complained about not being able to access the petition, perhaps you may need to use a pc, I used my tablet on this link and it worked check it out

Also a lovely article worth reading
Taken from Sahara reporters, below is the link to the full page

“Elham Mahdi al Assi was a young girl with great plans for her future. Those plans came to a cruel end when she married a man who would later become her murderer. One day after her marriage, Elham was taken to hospital due to excessive bleeding. The doctor who examined her saw that her internal canal was ripped and asked for her to be admitted. Her husband refused to adhere to the doctor’s advice and insisted in taking his wife home. Two days later he brought a motionless Elham back to the doctor in an emergency. Shortly thereafter, the doctor pronounced her dead from severe hemorrhaging resulting from the rupture of internal organs caused from intimacy with her husband… Elham Mahdi Al Assi was 12 years old at the time she was married off and 12 when she died.”

“Fawziya Ammodi was a beautiful young girl, whose life came to a torturous end when she was forced into marriage with an elderly man. She became with child almost immediately and bore the complications pregnancy put on her very small frame. During childbirth, Fawziya went into brutal labor and suffered for three days straight. Together with her baby, she died of severe bleeding and shock. Fawziya was 11 when she was given out in marriage and 12 years old when she died.”


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