Is Kissing in Relationship a sin?

This question was asked on a facebook page I follow, the comments were lovely and I had to share, perhaps someone might be asking themselves the same question and may need to hear other peoples opinion 🙂

The person was anonymous and the question was like this;

Dear Admins
Please keep me anonymous

Is making out a sin? And How far is too far?

Then the comments:

Ralph Drees wrote:
The Bible says to guard yourself and put on the full armor of God so you can stand against the Devil… it says to FLEE youthful lusts. The Bible, Word of God, clearly says that youthful lust is MORE DANGEROUS THAN SATAN HIMSELF.

Fight Satan, don’t even stick around for lust… run, don’t walk.

Jess Lacey wrote:
In my opinion kissing, like more full on and passionette than a peck is foreplay… :s

Sonia Patterson wrote:
Come on, really. If a kiss excites you… Then maybe if you’re questioning it , it ought to be questioned

Nasiphi Hlanganiso wrote:
Stay away from any form of sexual sin …

Hope that answers you

Christopher Bevis wrote:
I see 3 problems with a question like “How far is too far?”
– The first is that you appear to be looking for some sort of external, conduct-based answer that will reassure you you’re “safe” in God’s eyes. Your works can neither make nor keep you safe in terms of walking with God. Rather, your works express your priorities, your beliefs and your spiritual condition.
– The second is that the question looks for boundaries to push rather than space to grow up in. Instead of asking “How can we grow as Christians and as people in the Lord?” it asks “How can we gratify the desires we have for each other right now in ways that won’t lead to guilt or problems later?”, which leads to the third point
– Your questions are essentially about you rather than about you in relationship with the Lord. They are self-centred rather than God-centred. And that’s where the real problem is for all of us in so many areas of life.

Please, please develop and seek to gratify an appetite for God’s word and presence first of all. Nothing will satisfy you more or prepare you better for the years ahead of you

Boo Kenjii wrote:
Think about it this way. They are probably not you future spouse. Putting it in those terms, would you behave like that with your actual future spouse in the room?

Miruna Georgiana Erskine wrote:
kissing is not a sin. you just have to be careful with it. if it’s too intense it can lead to other sexual things. know your limits and don’t go too far. also, be in public and never alone with the other person in a bedroom or couch etc…having boundaries will help you not fall into sin! remember it can lead to other sexual stuff very stuff so be aware of it and when you see any signs run! haha it’s worth the wait!

Ralph Drees wrote:
Lust is too far and honestly kissing the person you’re not married to is too far. Not to sound like a puritan, but if you’re not married, they don’t belong to you. Do you make out with your brother/sister?

Well there’s your answer.

Horst Kaiser wrote:
Think of this way, how far would you allow another person to go with your spouse, while you in the room. Therefore treat someone of the opposite sex like you want some to treat your spouse.
Treat them with integrity and honour Gods word, always remain accountable to God and small group or another person.
Don’t be foolish and cross a boundary.
You both are precious and always think of this, do you want to be thrilled of exploring things (emotional) when your spouse arrives

Kevin Sanders wrote:
The main problem is that you it may cause you to go too far and cross the line into acts that would be considered foreplay or even sexual intimacy.

Sebrina Lee Biscardi wrote:
I would just have to remember that God is watching EVERYTHING I do and I wouldn’t want Him to see me kissing a strange man that I am not married to – no kissing for me until I am married.

I’m saving it all for my “future” husband.. And boy, is he so worth the wait!!!

Williams Lifeline Gbenga wrote:
If you question it, then it is too far already.

Philip McNiel wrote:
I’ve heard it said that purity is a lifestyle you live, not a line you don’t cross. Think about whether it’s consistent with a lifestyle of purity, not whether or not it crosses a line (not that there isn’t a line, as the Bible does draw a clear line when it comes to sexual immorality).

Taken from
Abstinence Until Marriage
Facebook Page

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One Response to Is Kissing in Relationship a sin?

  1. bolaji oguntimehi says:

    Kissing is not a sin mbok!! Its normal to kiss the one u love!its best to know ur limits! If u dnt ve self-control, dnt try it

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