Feminity vs Feminism

A lot has been said about feminism, and I once classified myself as more feminist than feminists, but after reading this, I think i’ll rather be classified as a women right defender than a male feminist 😀 she has some points that strike home and like I always say, male and female are different, yes we are equal, but equality does not mean we can become the other ~ cknaija2013

Femininity vs. Feminism
I think the subtlety of Satan would be laughable if it wasn’t so dangerous. I’ll give you an example. The feminist ssamovement is not about empowering awomen to be feminine; it uses masculine tactics to achieve its agenda. Get it? Feminism- which is anything but feminine- does not stand for femininity, which is where a woman’s true power lies. Though it pursues some causes that most of us would consider honourable, it masks an agenda that is more sinister than the masses, or even some of the leaders of the movement could believe. In the end, feminism will do us all more harm than good.
Once we re all on the bandwagon of “feminism,” we will find ourselves going in the opposite direction of where we really wanted to go. I don’t know about you but I find this really disturbing. It seems that the main women fighting for abortion rights are not interested in having children or building strong and godly homes and children. How far do we push the envelope in the name of equal rights? And do you, a woman, really want to do everything that men do? These are important questions we need to ask ourselves. I have sat down to think and ask myself these questions and Amara has concluded that she has no business with a man who cannot be a man and function in his God-given roles of providing and protecting. Perhaps you just see feminism as being able to do certain things if you wanted to do them. But that begs the question, don’t you have better things to do with your time than battle over issues that have no urgent relevance to your world?
I feel this whole “feminist movement” is out of control and initiated by the devil and his cohorts to destroy creation plan. As godly women, we must understand that we win battles on our knees. We don’t fight with flesh and blood; it’s more spiritual than physical. Lasting victory will only be gained as we war in the spirit.
Don’t get me wrong. I am not in support of women feeling and acting useless without a man. I stand before men and women and speak my mind at all times over every issue without minding whose ox is gored. But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t depend on my man for guidance, assistance, and direction because God, Jehovah, has made it so. I am the weaker vessel, yes I can achieve whatever a man can achieve and much more, but the place of authority in the home remains his. He has the power of authority, I have the power of influence and so he does what I want him to do.
For those who are confused at the anger you witness from the feminist camp, it is important to note that anger masks extreme pain. Majority of these feminists are lesbians and women who are hurting from past experiences. Many times we criticize lesbians, I used to see them as hopeless and useless. But from my recent interactions with some of them, I can tell you that lesbianism is born out of a relational void. It is a longing for love gone out of control. A lot of women are daily trooping into this very deadly road of lesbianism. A lot of them have resorted to seeking out each others comfort, companionship, and physical stimulation simply because they are tired of trying to make it work with men. But from what I have come to know from my Lord Jesus, no one is beyond the hope of healing and deliverance.
Ladies, you don’t have to go against nature and creation plan just because love isn’t just forthcoming. You can still find love. All you need is make Jesus your first love and watch him as he brings that very man who deserves your tender heart. Forget the immediate gratification for your longing as that will make you fall prey to lesbianism and ruthless men. Remember Esther the slave girl. Dont forget Ruth. Her case was entirely useless until God supernaturally raised Boaz.
Have you been broken over and over? The Potter loves you and He wants to put you back together again. I am a living testimony to what God can do to a shattered, broken, and useless life. Don’t give up yet, don’t hate every man because he left you. Don’t start fighting for equal rights with men just because you have been battered and bruised. There is a good man out there, he is just few steps away from the door of your heart waiting for a clean-up before he takes his place. God has sent him; don’t let him go.

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