The real man not Harp man


Taken from Tessa Doghor’s notes on fb

Every girl’s dream!


A Boaz-like man does not use the alibi of alcohol, loneliness or other forms of inducement to seduce a woman. Boaz was drunk that night, but he didn’t use that as an excuse to lure Ruth to bed. He retained his sanity even in his drunkenness.


A Boaz-like man does not take undue advantage of a woman in the night. It was late in the cold night that Boaz woke up to see Ruth lying by his feet, but he did not use that as an excuse to sleep with her.


A Boaz-like man does not take advantage of a woman when she is alone with him. Note that they were both alone at the place that Boaz slept, but he did not capitalize on that to have his way with her.


A Boaz-like man does not take advantage of a woman’s weakness/inability to satisfy his own amorous desire. Ruth couldn’t have mustered enough strength to resist Boaz if he had decided to sleep with her, but that did not make him do it.


A Boaz-like man does not fulfill his own selfish desires at the expense of a woman. Ruth was poor, needy, and a widow. But Boaz did not because of that satisfy his manly urge on her, after all she won’t have minded and nobody would have known.


A Boaz-like man does not use a woman’s words as an excuse to satisfy his desire on her. Note that Ruth herself said some words that could be termed as “invitation to play” to Boaz. But he did not use that as an ignition key to go wild.


A Boaz-like man is patient in disposition and speaks kindly to a woman, no matter what she does wrongly. Boaz did not attempt to establish his piety/chastity by lambasting Ruth for seducing him. On the contrary, he was very gentle with her and helped her to realize why he wouldn’t do what she requested of him. He did it in such a way that she did not feel bad and went away with her shoulders sagged in shame for being too forward.


A Boaz-like man does not take advantage of a woman’s ignorance and naivety. Ruth did not know the full meaning of the words she said to Boaz. In addition, she was a foreigner who did not know the custom of the Israelites, Boaz could have capitalized on these two factors to take advantage of her, but he didn’t.


A Boaz-like man does not capitalize on a woman’s attraction, liking or predilection to/for him to have his way with her, under the guise that she is a willing participant. Boaz did not use Ruth’s allure as an excuse to sleep with her.


A Boaz-like man does the right thing by a woman and does not pursue a personal agenda. Boaz was a single man himself, with all the urges of a full-blooded man, but he did not because of that stake his clam to Ruth immediately – even while she was willing. On the contrary, he said there was someone else who had greater claim to her as a relative than him. And that person should have her, not him.


A Boaz-like man protects a woman’s dignity, no matter the frailness of her state. Boaz respected the dignity of Ruth by not touching her, allowing her to stay the night, and sending her away very early the next morning before people get to see her and tongues begin to wag.


A Boaz-like man is self-assured. Boaz did not allow the tension of the moment to becloud his personality, particularly his generosity. He still scooped a generous measure of wheat for Ruth and her Naomi, her mother-in-law.


A Boaz-like man is proactive. Naomi testified to this by saying he wouldn’t rest until the matter is settled. And true to type, he didn’t. He sought to settle the issue of Ruth’s future and security by calling on the elders of the land to do the needful and right thing by her.


Here I pause my submission for now. I’m sure you will glean more insights if you take time to read and meditate on the passage yourself.


Being a man like Boaz – an epitome of dignity and maturity – is no child’s play


this is not mine,

read it and loved it

so i’ll credit it to the blog

i lifted it off

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