Free picture Free golf Free hug at Park n Shop VI

I was window shopping (I do that at times), and stumbled upon this stand at Park n Shop Adeola Odeku, Victoria Island… A Samsung stand, I tried to turn away… But it was too late , they caught my eye and the friendly gentleman walked up to me and offered to have my picture taken for free, well I’m also into photography and figured what do I have to loose (awoof no dey run bele), I gave a pose thinking they were going to use the latest Samsung device to capture me, to my utmost surprise a photographer popped out from no where and took the shot, I was like… Hey what happened to the whole Samsung effect, well they offered me a game of golf while I waited for the picture to be developed, this is the part that got me to blog, I always wondered why a bunch of old men where interested in hitting a ball into a hole, don’t knock it till you try it, I did and guess what? I felt like Jack in Titanic after getting the babe(or something like that)when he shouted “I’m the King of the world” remember that part before the iceberg? …
Seriously you guys ought to try it, if you have not, get yourself over there, and it gets better, I asked for my price for winning and well… I did not get the Samsung S4 😦 I got a consolation price, a Hug from a beauty 😉 who says the best things in life are not free, if you are a guy and you need a free hug, better go brush up on your gulf skills 😀 and if you are a babe, and you don’t mind a free picture what are you waiting for, I give photoshoots and they are not cheap, go to the Samsung stand @ Park n Shop, Adeola Odeku, Victoria Island and claim ur pic,golf and hug 🙂 I did and the effects have not faded … I just had to blog about it.


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