woman your nakedness attracts me but it won’t keep me

Truly Faithful
A Truly Faithful “Re-post” from December 1, 2011!

Encouragement for Single Women: “KEEP BEING MODEST”! ~ PAV

We hear so many singles ladies talk about how hard it is to find a good man because there are women out there who will do whatever it takes to get a man’s attention. So these single women feel like they are losing good men to women who are provocative. You know the women who are willing to dress scantily or who will “give it up” quickly to get these so called “good men”.
Well, we want to tell you that NONE of that is true! Godly men do not go for the skin, they go for what’s within! It does not mean Godly men do not SEE how beautiful a woman is, it just means, “skin” doesn’t make them want to make a woman their wife.

When I first SAW my wife, I admit, I was FLOORED! To me she was FINE! Or as my wife would say, “FIONE”! LOL! Yes I looked her up and down (discreetly of course) and was mesmerized by her from head to toe. But it was her conversation that kept me engaged. As I got to know her, I realized she had the absolute BEST sense of humor I had ever come across in a woman. Those of you who are her facebook friends or who know her in person know just what I mean. But her loyalty was another thing I fell in love with. Her spunk, her kindness, her sensitivity to those who were hurting and in need, the way she cared for others as well as me and how different she was from other women. She loved video games and comic books like I did, she not only was athletic but she watched sports whereas most women I had met were not interested in sports at all! She was my “DREAM COME TRUE WOMAN”! But those things and so much more are what caused me to want to hurry up and marry her within the first 6 months of meeting! Were there women who would “try” to lure me by showing their bodies? Of course there were, because these women were trying to lure MANY MEN just to become a man’s wife. And even though when I met my wife she was modest in her apparel, I was not attracted to the women who dressed scantily, but I was attracted to my FULLY DRESSED wife!

My point is, just because provocative women are scooping up a lot of men, does NOT mean these women are making it bad for the single women who are keeping themselves and are following God. It just means that God is keeping the kind of men who go after provocative women AWAY FROM YOU! So pray for those women to come to know Christ because obviously they do not KNOW HIM or they would not be using their bodies to get attention from a man. No need to look down on them either, because some Godly women today were like those provocative women BEFORE they came to know Christ. Pray for them as “getting a man” or getting married is not a competition! The “marriage walk” is about God’s will, purpose and marriages representing the relationship of Christ and the Church, not about who gets what man or who gets married first.

God may be shaping the man after His own heart to find you! And if that’s what God is doing, it won’t matter what another woman may try, that man will only be interested in YOU! So stay encouraged and don’t be concerned with “who’s getting who”, just be concerned with God and how He’s working on you!

#StayEncouraged­ #BePatient #KeepYourEyesOn­God

1Tim 2:9 (GWT), “I want women to show their beauty by dressing in appropriate clothes that are modest and respectable. Their beauty will be shown by what they do, not by their hair styles or the gold jewelry, pearls, or expensive clothes they wear”.


Please share this post with as MANY as possible, especially your sister in the Lord! Thanks Fam!

Taken from Truly Faithful Fb Page

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