cure for homosexuality

The debate has been on about if people are born gay or are made gay by abuse, its difficult to be certain although I do lean more to the other of abuse(either physically or socially), we may never know only homosexuals can, part of why I lean more to the stance of abuse is because we have all been and are still being abused by society through the informations being circulated through TV, Magazines, Novels, Books, school, doctrine, call it collective brain washing, its hard to overcome this abuse, only strong willed individuals can overcome an environment that constantly pushes them to be what they are not especially when it comes to sexuality, and these leads to an interesting site I stumbled upon which is causing havoc in the Gay community, the site not only makes it stance known about homosexuality being abnormal it goes on further to prescribe a cure, it boasts about apps you could download and in 60days cure homosexualism, should this not be a happy thing? Well lots of homosexuals have taking offence at this, and in a way I understand why they would, but I guess its for those homosexuals who were abused while growing up and need to break away from such a lifestyle and not for those who claim they were born that way, below is the link to the site, I’ve not really gone through it, but that’s because I’m not gay 🙂 I’m just a blogger sharing info and this is an info worth sharing especially for those who may need help with such a struggle.

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