how to kill mosquito with sugar and yeast

A simple hand-made Mosquito Trap ~
A very Cheap Way to kill mosquitos:

This information could save thousands of innocent lives from the cruel fate of dengue.


A Simple hand-made Mosquito trap ( Prevention of Dengue & other mosquito born diseases)

It’s just a mix of water, brown sugar and yeast.

1. Cut a plastic bottle in half, keep both parts. Can be soft drink
2.Take the lower portion of the bottle. Dissolve the brown sugar ( or white sugar if you don’t have brown sugar) in hot
water. Let it cool down to ~70 deg F /~ 32 deg C) (room temperature).
3.Add the yeast. Carbon dioxide will be formed and will attract the
4.Cover the bottle with a dark wrap and insert in the top portion upside
down like a funnel. Place it in a corner in your house.
5. In 2 weeks you will be surprised by the number of mosquitoes killed.

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Taken from ” I like to join daily health tips for keeping us fit & healthy” fb page

I am yet to try it out, sounds too good to be true sha, would do so as soon as I can get my hands on yeast, if you have tried it please let us know as a comment~cknaija


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7 Responses to how to kill mosquito with sugar and yeast

  1. Erezi says:

    Really sonds too good to be true.wondering how many traps ytou would have to set around the house.

    • cknaija says:

      We have nothing to loose and everything to gain if it works 🙂 dengue: A debilitating viral disease of the tropics, transmitted by mosquitoes, and causing sudden fever and acute pains in the joint, could be eradicated

  2. Julia says:

    CK please try it and tell us if it works.

  3. Julia says:

    CK please try it and tell us if it works.
    It would be a great relief if it does, though.

    Didn’t get †ђξ last part of inserting one part of †ђξ bottle into another.

  4. trina hicks says:

    I use them, and haven’t been bitten since I sat two outside

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