My top 12 Miss Nigeria based on the pics

People have been sending me links to vote for their friends, their sisters, or to use my blog as a platform, I would have been tempted but I have to sacrifice my own vote and remain neutral by not voting, however, unbiased I will still let you know what my top 12 votes would have been, I do not know these ladies, but based on the pics they gave us to vote on, I pass judgement, but then again I have been privileged to view some of the contestants facebook page, many unfortunately did not make my top12 list but were finer based on their pictures, beauty they say lies in the eyes of the beholder and this is my perspective, not at all encompassing of total beauty, more of photogenic selection, beauty has more to do with intelligence and character, unfortunately this is not what we have to base our judgement, if you are able to view these ladies in person before making your judgement I will advise you do so, I was not able, this is based on the pictures given to us.

CKNAIJA’s Top 12 in no particular order













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6 Responses to My top 12 Miss Nigeria based on the pics

  1. me. says:

    You no get eyes. Go and check out Chibueze A. I see u are Annabelle’s friend. That’s why she is Number one on ur list. Ode. Better post this comment.

    • cknaija says:

      @miss ray, I understand your grievance, but if you understood what I put up, I am not voting, and the ladies I put up are my personal opinion, your sister is also very pretty but then so are a lot of other ladies, I do not know any of these ladies and some have asked me to vote for them and their sisters like you have asked me also, I am sorry your sis did not meet my top 12, and if she has the same character like you insulting people for their opinions, then perhaps it’s best she is not on my list

    • cknaija says:

      Also read again, my top 12 in no particular order 🙂

  2. me. says:

    That’s what u think!! Well, u are entitled to ur own opinion and it remains urs.

  3. Muna says:

    Everyone is enttitled to their own opinion, I do not totally agree with some of the ladies here, burr like I said we are all entitled to pass our judgment on them afterall they put themselves out there to be scrutinised and judged. Posting nasty comments about another persons opinion only goes to show how uncharismatic you are, not only are you exhibiting you naivety, you are also exposing your sister or friend to negative vibes. Please help your sister/friend out by voting and encouraging others to vote for her and stop raining on her parade by being childish.

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