Anger Indicates your lack of intelligence

donald trump said this in his book “think like a billionaire”, so my friend told me, and i tried google and found this article, below is the link to the site and i quite agree

What Type Of Thinker Are You?

A low-level thinker will respond quickly to put someone else down for their faults, whereas a high-level thinker will realize that that will bring negative response from the person, as well as bring no benefit to themselves.  A high-level thinker might have just as much frustration about the other person’s mistake, but they always put themselves first.

Think About Your Health

The person that gets angry in a conflict, and converts that into attacks on others, wastes energy.  Intelligent and wealthy people don’t do this.  They save their fights for very rare important occasions where they want to make a point, and even then, they avoid being in high tension or anger.  For concern to health, getting riled up, which causes a rise in blood pressure, is not worth any short-term verbal victory benefits.

See If You Attack Others And Adjust As Desired

Next time you see yourself putting someone else down, if that is the case, take note of it.  See if attacking someone helped you.  Whether it was a driver of another car, a a teacher, a co-worker, or a person on the internet, think for a minute about whether attacking them helped you out as a person.  If you do this a few times, you might provide yourself with the answer in actual terms.  It is usually better to think through problems by your own experimental analysis.

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