You are not your Brazilian hair

Ladies, Ladies,
Let’s set the record straight for once.

Whether its Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian, Spanish or Synthetic;
The guy doesn’t exactly know the difference until you tell him
The one who knows the difference either sells hair products or just spends too much time sampling hairs instead of developing new money-making ideas.

For the former, there’s no worries cos he has seen it all, he knows all the brands, knows the cost and perhaps the one you have on is not sooo expensive after all. Hence, your effort to impress him turns out fruitless.

As for the latter, I’d spend less time talking about him or even worrying. Its clear, that’s not the kind of MAN you want to be seen or associated with.

Just like fashion, the hair trend will always change. I’d rather spend time and money in things that will improve me intellectually and financially in the long run.. So, I’d rather spend 60k on a crash course or cooking lesson than a hair style that will probably last just a few month. Then gain I’m not you and vice versa.

The point is, we all want to look, feel and be better for our friends, family and spouse.
The Question: What are the approaches we have adopted to see that this comes out right?
Question: Would I rather save to wear a new hairstyle, than empower myself to re-empower myself and wear a new hairstyle?
Answer: Its in your head and your priority list.

Bottom line: If we all spend half the time we spend on trivial things on important/necessary aspects of our being, we’d be reliable friends, inspiring spouses, better sisters, humble wives, stronger mothers who wouldn’t raise lazy sons(men) and materialistic daughters.(Women).

Signed— CDJ;)

Shared by Chyd’nma Dora John-opara

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