When a Man wants to Marry you

Although I’m a bit skeptical about match making but this guy has some nice points, his name is Jerome and he is a matchmaker, could not help but share his article


How can you be dating a guy for 7 years? The most you do, should be 3 years, and that’s even too much. After the 3rd year and no marriage plans, when you receive a call while with him, and he says who is that? tell him oh, I was talking to Jerome. If he ask, who is Jerome, tell him “Jerome is my Matchmaker, he is helping me to meet other guys who may be interested in relationships that lead to Marriage”.

Or perhaps you may call him, and tell him “Darling, I won’t be able to give you a Birthday gift this year because the money I should have used to do so, I have invested it in consulting with Jerome. Jerome is working with me to help me forget you, and find someone who may be serious about Marriage, he has already helped some of my friends that are married today, and I believe he will be helpful for me too”, but never mind, I will send you an e-card from yahoo.

Date a guy for 4 years and become a MORON, for 5 years and become an IMBECILE, for 6 years and become an INVALID, for 7 years? What do you think you have become without even knowing it? Come on, WAKE UP!

My sister, stop being foolish, when a guy wants to marry you, he usually has no time to waste. He meets you now, makes a decision within 6 months, makes his intentions known, starts to make CONCRETE PLANS, and does not start borrowing money from you or asking that you help him pay for the house both of you will move into after the wedding. He has had marriage on his mind, and has also PLANNED FOR IT. He knows what Marriage is all about, and knows it is to his benefit that he gets married. He does not think he is doing you a favor by getting married to you, but rather believes he has found favor with God by meeting you.

When you meet a guy who says he never had marriage in mind until he met you, that’s also great, but don’t jump at it until he has agreed to go for Pre-Marital counseling, and he knows exactly what marriage is all about. He may find out that its not marriage he had in mind when he met you, but living with you as long as it lasts before he moves to the next person he has that same feelings for again.

When you say I DO in Marriage, you are saying: I always will be committed to YOU ALONE. I always will PROTECT WHAT WE HAVE. I ALWAYS will keep my thoughts and feelings INTACT FOR YOU. I always will look to God to show me HOW TO LOVE YOU, and never assume I know how to. I always will grow with you, and NEVER OUTGROW YOU

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