Bad romance<3

I agree with this and add, true intimacy is a promise of forever, regardless of past, present or future flaws, it is not just for good time, it is not sex, it is the ability to be naked(no secrets) and unashamed, it is a replication of God’s romance to humans

Corrine's Diary.

Romance is the language of love that fosters intimacy with another person. What a wonderful feeling when someone express their affection for you, enjoys your company and is captivated by you and how terrible you feel when its not so but is the complete opposite. Then you sit in your room and put Lady gaga’s song bad romance on repeat! This is because you are not receiving what you think you are putting out there or pouring into the other person. Come to think of it do we really know what it means to ‘romance’ a person? Nope most of our thoughts go straight to sex! So where do we really get to know or learn about romance?
If you read the bible you will discover that God himself is the original romantic. He created the concept of intimate love between husband and wife, and He loves a “happily ever…

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