7 cancer signs women may not recognize

7 Cancer Signs Women May Not Recognize:

[1] Bloating. Many women are familiar with bloating, especially around the time of their period. But if bloating does not go away and lingers for weeks, it could indicate ovarian cancer. Other symptoms of ovarian cancer include pelvic or abdominal pain, having an urgent and frequent need to urinate, and feeling full even when you have eaten very little food. If these warning signs sound familiar, see your doctor.

[2] Nipple changes. Belly buttons are not the only body part that can be an innie or an outie. If your nipples normally are outies and one or both change to innies, that could be a sign of cancer. However, if one or both nipples have always been innies, then that’s probably their normal state. Changes in nipple appearance or the presence of nipple discharge (in women who are not breastfeeding) can be warning signs of breast cancer and should be checked.

[3] Pigment changes. Potentially deadly skin cancer called melanoma begins in the pigment-producing cells called melanocytes. Although people usually associated skin cancer with a change in a mole, cancer also can appear as pigment changes, especially in the early stages. Melanoma usually appears on a woman’s back or legs, although it can show up anywhere. See a dermatologist if you have pigment changes.

[4] Unusual bleeding. Women who experience unusual bleeding, which means between-period spotting (if this is not a normal occurrence) or bleeding after menopause could be showing one of the most common signs of endometrial cancer. Another type of unusual bleeding can occur from the rectum and may indicate colorectal cancer. Signs of blood in the toilet could also indicate bladder or kidney cancer. All types of unusual bleeding should be checked with a physician. Because sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish between unusual bleeding and blood associated with the menstrual cycle, women should take note of any spotting or signs of blood over a period of several weeks so they can tell their doctor.

[5] Unusual weight loss. Many women may welcome some unexpected loss of weight, but losing the equivalent of several pounds a week over a month or more is a sign of several health problems. One of those health issues is cancer, while another is hyperthyroidism, which is fairly common in women. If you are not dieting and/or taking diet pills or other medications and you have not significantly increased your physical activity yet have dropped a lot of weight, see your doctor.

[6] Unexplained fever. An elevated temperature is a sign of infection, and if you don’t have the flu or another type of infection, then fever may indicate cancer. Fever related to cancer typically lasts more than three days and can be low or high. Both lymphoma and leukemia are cancers that have fever as an early sign. Naturally, fever can be a sign of many health problems, but persistent fever should be checked by a physician so you can tackle whatever the problem may be.

[7] Persistent cough. A persistent cough is defined as one that lasts about 3 to 4 weeks or 8 weeks or longer, depending on which experts you consult. However, even 3 weeks is a long time to live with a lingering cough. Although a persistent cough may be associated with colds, allergies, and flu, it also can be a sign of lung cancer. Any persistent cough should be checked by a healthcare provider, especially if you are among the 17.2 percent of adult women in the United States who smoke.

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